Origami Love (page 36). Flickr Christmas Photo Gallery


Origami and Paper Love Gallery

Origami Love (page 36). Flickr  Christmas Photo Gallery

Origami Love. Flickr Origami Christmas Photo Gallery.
In this section you will find our selection of the best Photo Gallery related to Origami Love published on Flickr. All about how to fold a model, step by step, instructions, folding piece of paper and more.

Paper Love design folding instructions for the beginner and advanced user Some Origami Love videos are difficult to fold but you will find tips on how to fold these amazing origami Birds models. If you're not an expert paper folder, maybe start with an easier origami christmas like traditional kids's models.

We present both 'Paper Christmas' and 'Origami Christmas'. This is because the 'paper Christmas' utilize many tools which most origami artists do not consider apart of traditional origami. These include scissors, glue, markers, pinking scissors, paint, and artificial stamens.




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This Love Is Priceless 2
Brian F. Nunez (9-11 Memorial)
Brian F. Nunez (9-11 Memorial)❖ My Google Plus ❙ ❙ ❙ My 500px ❙ ❙ ❙ My FB Photography Page ❖ Another shot from the 9-11 Memorial which I visited on 09-12-2011 the
I Love You! ... Ti Love! ;;;
Experiment 3 - Love (backlit)
Experiment 3 - Love (backlit)Ripoff/Remix of Robert Indiana's "Love" picture. The placement of the letters could be a bitt better. Pretty happy that it worked th
I Will Find A Way
I Will Find A WayI will find a way across this ocean to YOU even if it means making 121 origami paper boats. Oh yes, you read correctly! Me and Liz were looking at ph
Moneyfold Candy
Moneyfold CandyInspired by Chris Heynen candy (1.0) and modified for a dollar bill
Red Six-pointed Star
Red Six-pointed StarThis is a new six-pointed star pattern I made which I really like. It is simple, yet there's a nice pattern in the center. It is folded eight times
ReleaseGravity release me and don't ever hold me down. Day Seven. It's been 1 week! Yay I made it this far :D I have a thing for lace and satin in pastel pho
The Life Of Paper: Flexible Love
The Life Of Paper: Flexible LoveMany of you have seen the Flexible Love chair. Well, we managed to get one for The Life of Paper. Flexible Love was nice enough to donate one for us t
October 23, 2013 (2)
October 23, 2013 (2)Today was another volunteer day at The Braille Institute for me.
Heart Card Ii Guide (1/3)
Heart Card Ii Guide (1/3)Artist: Daniel Brown Left to right, top to bottom: 1. 8ths 2. Fold triangles 3. Fold one unit down, then unfold the small triangles (they were just fo
Dangling Delights Mini Valentine Card
Nosso Coração
Love Point
Love PointAfter I had finished installing the above, I looked at the other side of the road and saw this. Oops...
Cranes = Love
Cranes = LoveOr possibly insanity.
Mich & Dan Wedding
Mich & Dan WeddingWww.tiffanyarment.com
Love Project- Origami Hearts
There Is No Love - Just Appetite
Pajaritas Amorosas
Pajaritas AmorosasPara LVM, tema de junio: amor A mi hijo diego, hubo una temporada en que le dió por hacer pajaritas. Cogía los papelitos tipo post-it y hacía mini
Friendship Crane
Friendship CraneThe clay crane was made by Tim, and the heart was a Valentine's Day card from Natalie.

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Origami Love (page 36). Flickr Christmas Photo Gallery