Origami Christmas (page 49). Flickr Christmas Photo Gallery


Origami and Paper Christmas Gallery

Origami Christmas (page 49). Flickr  Christmas Photo Gallery

Origami Christmas. Flickr Origami Christmas Photo Gallery.
In this section you will find our selection of the best Photo Gallery related to Origami Christmas published on Flickr. All about how to fold a model, step by step, instructions, folding piece of paper and more.

Paper Christmas design folding instructions for the beginner and advanced user Some Origami Christmas videos are difficult to fold but you will find tips on how to fold these amazing origami Birds models. If you're not an expert paper folder, maybe start with an easier origami christmas like traditional kids's models.

We present both 'Paper Christmas' and 'Origami Christmas'. This is because the 'paper Christmas' utilize many tools which most origami artists do not consider apart of traditional origami. These include scissors, glue, markers, pinking scissors, paint, and artificial stamens.




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Fallnwinter2011 (118)
Origami Tree, American Museum Of Natural History
Okinawa Holidays 2013', Ornament, Traditional Okinawa Hat Christmas Tree Topper
Decorazioni Natalizie In Pasta Di Zucchero
Decorazioni Natalizie In Pasta Di ZuccheroDecorate con santa paziennza da mia figlia!!!
Santa Claus By Takeda Naoki
Santa Claus By Takeda NaokiThis is my second fold, I like this design very much, especially the face! My friends say they can't believe this model use only one paper :)
Okinawa Holidays 2013', Ornament, Angel Origami
Natal Origami 3d
Homemade Origami Christmas Cards
Origami Wreath
Origami WreathChristmas tree made from my modular origami wreaths. Paper used - 3cm x 3cm tissue paper. The wreath on top is made from 10 modules and, as we go down
Wedding Dress
Wedding DressVisit www.facebook.com/kirigamikards for more designs :)
Recycled Map Star Books
Recycled Map Star BooksI wanted to create miniature star books out of almost entirely recycled materials, and these are the result. I've use several of my favourite material
Pesebre (daniel Naranjo)
Pesebre (daniel Naranjo)El pesebre que hice originalmente antes que fuera... ampliado. Diagramas aquí. (Por alguna extraña razón este pesebre desapareció de mi escritorio
Crafts, Origami For Christmas Tree
Crafts, Origami For Christmas TreeWith special origami paper
More Paper And Ribbon Shoes
More Paper And Ribbon ShoesMore pictures of the High Heel Christmas Tree.
Dominanta Star
Dominanta StarDesign: Ekaterina Lukasheva
My Origami Advent Calendar - 13th December
My Origami Advent Calendar - 13th December3D Snowflake This went wrong but I like it anyway :) Made up of 45 tiny pieces slotted together.
Stop Motion Advent Garland Vid
Stop Motion Advent Garland VidI've been working on a whimsical stop motion video of one of our advent garlands assembling it self. This set of pics unfortunately isn't going to get
Advent Garland Kit In Progress
Advent Garland Kit In ProgressThe advent garlands we make are a series of origami boxes on a garland. Each day you get to open a box in a count down to an event. A lot of people al
E Que Tal Estas Rosinhas Para A Mesa De Natal?
E Que Tal Estas Rosinhas Para A Mesa De Natal?Rosas com papel glitter... Brevemente raminhos.
Hearts Origami Stars
Hearts Origami StarsThis jar measures 2 3/4 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches in height. The colors of the stars are pink, purple, and blue. Each stars have hearts all over th
Sunrise Bright Advent Garland
Sunrise Bright Advent GarlandWe started making our advent garlands to make something different for our own kids at Christmas. The chocolate doors, little drawers, and felt mini st
Fallnwinter2011 (112)

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Origami Christmas (page 49). Flickr Christmas Photo Gallery