Origami Bat (page 2). Flickr Airplane Photo Gallery


Origami and Paper Bat Gallery

Origami Bat (page 2). Flickr  Airplane Photo Gallery

Origami Bat. Flickr Origami Airplane Photo Gallery.
In this section you will find our selection of the best Photo Gallery related to Origami Bat published on Flickr. All about how to fold a model, step by step, instructions, folding piece of paper and more.

Paper Bat design folding instructions for the beginner and advanced user Some Origami Bat videos are difficult to fold but you will find tips on how to fold these amazing origami Birds models. If you're not an expert paper folder, maybe start with an easier origami airplane like traditional kids's models.

We present both 'Paper Airplane' and 'Origami Airplane'. This is because the 'paper Airplane' utilize many tools which most origami artists do not consider apart of traditional origami. These include scissors, glue, markers, pinking scissors, paint, and artificial stamens.




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Lee Jae Gu Origami Bat
Lee Jae Gu Origami BatWww.orukami.com
Origami Bats
Origami BatsDesigner: Natalia Romanenko Paper: square 15 cm Final height: ~ 8 cm Вы не поверите, но это результат придумыван
Dragonbat By Rene Maia
Dragonbat By Rene MaiaChambril paper 30x30 cm
Moose4Head detail.
DuskThe same bats as the previous one but fold on a triangle, so more simple !!! happy halloween !!!
Bat / Chauve Souris Version 2
Bat / Chauve Souris Version 2The first version is too horible to be here !!!! one squarre of elephant hide paper in 35/35cm modeling with MC
Passiflora Curle And Bat
Origami Bat (riki Saito)
Origami Bat (riki Saito)This is the Origami Bat by Riki Saito. Happy (really late) Halloween! You can find the tutorial for this awesome model here.
Alejandro Pascual Márquez - Bat
Alejandro Pascual Márquez - BatModel designed for initiating children in Origami at a Halloween's event. Starting from a square shaped sheet. Videotutorial here: www.youtube.com/w
Bat – Nicolas Terry
Bat – Nicolas TerryCanson mis-teintes Wet folded Halloween is getting closer :)
Bat Triceratops
Bat TriceratopsBat Triceratops 蝙蝠三角龍 Designed by : Kade Chan 2010 Uncut 35sq.cm paper + foil , Completed model : 20cm , Time spent : 3 hours , Copyright
DraculaDracula, design by Juston
ManticoreDesigned and folded by me from a square of Lamali paper+MC The manticore is a mythological creature with a lion's body, a scorpion's tail, eagle's or
Pallid Bat
Pallid BatMy exhibition at Origami USA 2011. Photograph by Andrew Cribb
Little Bat.
Little Bat.Water bombe base
Bat - Nick Robinson
Bat - Nick RobinsonFrom a square with 8,5 cm Diagram: www.nickrobinson.info/origami/diagrams/bat.htm Happy Halloween!!
Bat - Kunihiko Kasahara
Dragonbat By Rene Maia
Dragonbat By Rene MaiaChambril paper 30x30cm
Origami Halloween
Origami HalloweenBat designed by Miyajima Noboru, 1 uncut square of kraft paper 23cm Jack O'Lantern designed by Tomohiro Tachi, 1 uncut A4 rectangle of copy paper
Miyajima Noboru. Bat
Vampire Bat By Dao Cuong Quyet
Vampire Bat By Dao Cuong QuyetThe spacial paper that I used is thick and hard to shape, then I used wet-folding technique make effect to make this model vivid.
Quentin Trollip. Egyptian Free-tailed Bat
Quentin Trollip. Egyptian Free-tailed BatThe diagram test. Small additions to the detailing of the head.
Halloween Origami
Halloween OrigamiPatty Bat (Talo Kawasaki), rectangle A5 Jack-O-Lantern (Anita Barbour), square 12.5 cm, final size 6.5 cm Blogged
I'm Batman.
Origami Batman (Ángel Morollón Gullar)
Origami Batman (Ángel Morollón Gullar)This is my new favorite model! It is the batman by Ángel Morollón Guallar. The tutorial is from Marigami on youtube! Very simple and fun to fold!

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Origami Bat (page 2). Flickr Airplane Photo Gallery

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