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How to make a paper helicopter

How to make a paper helicopter. Is it a bird or a helicopter? Your whirly bird helicopter will twirl and soar through the air. Learn more about how to make paper helicopters. The helicopter is a classic design that spins rapidly as it descends. It works great when dropped from a high place. Try different amounts of weight on the bottom tab. Notice that the helicopter spins in different directions depending on which direction the rotors are folded. Find out how to make an Origami helicopter here. You'll be making a simple flying machine. This origami helicopter will spin and fly!". The origami helicopter is very simple to make. It will float down to the ground slowly like a real helicopter doing an autorotation. Actually there is more cutting of paper than folding here, so technically you could call it kirigami (the Japanese art of paper cutting). Anyway, start with a rectangular piece of paper. Printer paper might be better than origami paper, due to weight and stiffness. Paper FoldingHow to make a paper helicopter How to fold, How to fly




How to make a paper helicopter / Vortexes / Folding Instructions




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Andres - [ - Medellin] - [13-Feb-2016]
Hice uno de estos lo tire a 100m. y volo genial xd
Bishal - [Usa - Newyork] - [13-Feb-2016]
How do you use this thing
Zeke - [Idk - Idk] - [12-Feb-2016]
Plz make a normal version of this.alot of peoples computers freeze so they dont see all the steps, so plz make a typed up version with the cool pictures with the instructions on how to make the helicopter/bird!
Vinicius - [Brasil - Pompel] - [12-Feb-2016]
Seriamelhor se tietivesse mais modelos .jaseitodos!

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How to make a paper helicopter

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