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The Flying Sheet

The Flying Sheet. The Flying Sheet may not be the better looking paper airplane on the block, but those big ugly wings sure do the tricks. The Flying Sheet is capable of great distance and accuracy, but is very sensitive to changes to it's wings. To make this great paper airplane you will need only a single sheet of paper. Paper FoldingThe Flying Sheet How to fold, How to fly




The Flying Sheet / Tumbling / Folding Instructions

Folding Instructions: To fold the Aircraft you should follow step to step the following sequence. On the Left side of the paper leaf appears before folding and on the right side of the leaf after folding it. The central image indicates you like you have to fold the leaf, after The folding you should click the button 'Next' to see the next step. You have to repeat these steps until you finish folding the Aircraft. With the button 'Back' you will return to the previous step. The button 'Start' takes you to the step 1 and the button 'End' takes you to the last step. Any doubt or suggestion Make It Here!
How to fly it. Tips and Flight techniques. Click Here!
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Avi - [ - Pakistani] - [13-Feb-2016]
Sweet nice i like
Aengus - [Usa - ] - [13-Feb-2016]
You'er awsome
Damir - [Mmcmnbirmpsexecwe - Ohsstgcdrb] - [12-Feb-2016]
My purlsaee mark. my planes were never good enough to fly that much, but they are pretty. i know that the sticky nose i liked wasn't to good to make it fly, but i liked to make it. an it was the only model i knew.
Trent - [United states - Hastings] - [12-Feb-2016]
I think it looks cool
Rose - [Usa - Texas] - [12-Feb-2016]
Why is there 10 different ways of folding a piece of paper into a plan?

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The Flying Sheet | Origami Free How to fold Paper The Flying Sheet

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