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Origami Scarlet Anthurium

Origami Scarlet Anthurium . This is a video for make a Red origami anthurium flower arrangement in a tiny pot. The anthurium is a Japanese winter flower that is also called the Flamingo Flower or "Boy Flower", both referring to the structure of the spathe and spadix.. The anthurium is a common houseplant native to South and Central America, but it is also widely distributed throughout Japan. The plant features big, smooth heart-shaped leaves that appear in many different colors, such as red and yellow. However, the bract color can be anything from ruddy to white. The plants can reach heights of up to 3 feet. Anthurium grows in many forms, mostly evergreen, bushy or climbing epiphytes with roots that can hang from the canopy all the way to the floor of the rain forest. Paper FoldingOrigami Scarlet Anthurium How to fold, How to fly




Origami Scarlet Anthurium / Origami Flowers / Folding Instructions





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Origami Scarlet Anthurium

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