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Paper Turtle

Paper Turtle. This traditional origami turtle is an intermediate level project and will take ten minutes or more to complete. Follow each step carefully and accurately and make sure that all prior steps have been correctly completed before moving on to the next. As with most origami projects, you’ll need a square of páper and a place to work. Practice with a plain, white sheet of copy paper (or similar) first. Move on to colored or patterned paper, if desired, after you’ve successfully folded this tortoise model once or twice. The paper you use should be heavier than the average sheet of lined notebook paper. Fold your model against a hard, flat surface. This works best for making the sharp crease and accurate folds needed for a successfully completed model. A table, hardback book, or even a floor will do. Make creases even sharper by running a pencil or ruler edge over each one as you work. Paper FoldingPaper Turtle How to fold, How to fly




Paper Turtle / Origami 3D / Folding Instructions

Folding Instructions: To fold the Model you should follow step to step the following sequence. On the Left side of the paper leaf appears before folding and on the right side of the leaf after folding it. The central image indicates you like you have to fold the leaf, after The folding you should click the button 'Next' to see the next step. You have to repeat these steps until you finish folding the Model. With the button 'Back' you will return to the previous step. The button 'Start' takes you to the step 1 and the button 'End' takes you to the last step. Any doubt or suggestion Make It Here!


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Agfawkes, cleo, and mo - [United states - ] - [14-Feb-2016]
So cute!!! i love reptiles and this is perfect to decorate my room with!!!
Leigh anne - [Us - Baldwin] - [14-Feb-2016]
This is too cool and very easy love it
Moises - [Ags - Ags] - [13-Feb-2016]
Is very easy
Georgiaswag - [U.s. - Jc] - [13-Feb-2016]
This was very helpful.sick!
Gregor - [U.k. - Perth] - [13-Feb-2016]
So easy thxs guys ;-)
Laura - [Uruguay - ] - [13-Feb-2016]
Como hacer rosas de papel
Mist - [United states of america - Holywood] - [13-Feb-2016]
Wow that was cool and easy! thanks
Caelii - [Qcohpjoabvvheqdasfy - Oprxvhyufknw] - [12-Feb-2016]
Touchdown! that's a relaly cool way of putting it!

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Origami Turtle How to make it, easy instructions

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