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Paper Folding for Kids

3D Origami 3D is made by folding small pieces of paper into various shapes. 3D Origami takes that tradition to the next level by combining smaller origami projects into three-dimensional models. These impressive and seemingly difficult sculptures are deceptively easy to make. Each solid object is formed from simple folded units. The works include cranes, swans, turtles, owls, penguins, pineapples, sunflowers, baskets, hats, urns, kittens, rabbits, and others. All of the models are animated with videos and step-by-step illustrations. 3D Origami is sure to engage fans of the craft and open up a new world of delight to origami devotees.
This Section demonstrates how to make several Origami 3D models for kids. If you want to make some origami 3d craft, you need see this section as first step. To start You will need a normal sheet of paper (size A4 or letter). Learn how to fold origami 3D models. Al models are easy to make for kids.How to fold, How to fly and




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Paper Turtle
This traditional origami turtle is an intermediate level project and will take ten minutes or more to complete. Follow each step carefully and accurately and make sure that all prior steps have been correctly completed before moving on to the next. As with most origami projects, you’ll need a square of páper and a place to work. Practice with a plain, --
Origami Box
Hi all! Some of you asked for a free tutorial on how to make the Origami Jewelry Box or the Origami gift boxes. Ok, here it is, a beautiful Origami Containers This origami bóx is a beginning-intermediate level origami project and it makes a great hiding place for small treasures. With a pair of bóxes, you can use one as the Jewelry Bóx and the other as --
Origami Crane
This is a 3D stop motion animation about How to Make an Origami Swan the original Origami Crane Prison Break, the prison break paper duck . This is the REAL Prison Break Paper Crane Swan Duck , with stop-motion instruction on how to make The Prison Break Origami Swan, --
The paper banger is a "bang producer" made of paper. It is easy to fold from a sheet of paper. This project is an origami alternative to the noisy whistles/blowers that children love at birthday . The project is so simple that children can fold it. Well title says it all,and i still repeat...kids dont forget to annoy your parents! Fun to make in class whe --
The Barracuda. Almost a glider, this dart requires folding accuracy for its clever nose section but it flies and satisfies when well made. This snub nosed dart allows many variations in the size and shape of the wings and tail. Fun to fold, it can be tricky to trim and fly so take care to fold tight and accurate creases. Start with a normal Letter size she --
Origami Bat | Hungry Bat
This 3D animation demonstrates How to make an Origami Bat, the famous origami bat model "Hungry Bat", a great Origami Halloween fold! Just take a piece of square paper, and fold along with this 3D animation to get the model! Memorize it (it's really easy!) and show off your skills at your next Halloween party - or use it as decoration, whether for your c --
Popcorn Cup
This origami Paper Cup is really quick to make and very useful, especially when there are children who need feeding!. Look at the 3D animation to fold an origami Popcorn Cup. These visual guidelines will help you with some of the more difficult folds. The Popcorn Cup should be able to hold liquid. These origami paper cups can also serve as a very small si --
The Cicada
This paper cicada is a simple, beginners origami project. Make this origami cicada version of this chirping insect to embellish an indoor garden. This surprisingly accurate cicada is a centuries-old origami figure. In many Asian cultures, cikadas are symbols of renewal and good fortune.If you want to make your model look more like a periodical insect, you --
Origami Crane
The origami crane is the most well known of all the origami models: These instructions should make it easy for you to make your own beautiful crane. Use some pretty paper to make the crane: it is a very elegant bird!Start with a perfectly square sheet of paper The origami crane is perfect as a gift or gift tag as a decoration, or as the first step to makin --
Simple Origami Fish
This page is for those who want the instruction to fold a traditional Simple Origami Fish. Kids will have lots of fun folding this easy origami fish and drawing in its eyes and stripes. I doubt they need help at all. This traditional Simple Origami Fish is a good example to learn the distinction between inside reverse-fold and outside reverse-fold. Before --
Origami Ninja Star - Origami Shuriken
Origami Ninja Star – Origami Shuriken Stop motion animation Folding InstructionsIf you want to be a true ninja, you need to be able to make your own weapons because they're really expensive. Throw a ninja star and if you can't recover it, you just threw away $20. That's why I made this tutorial to teach you how to make an origami ninja star so if you los --



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