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Have fun at Halloween with these Halloween origami models. Trick-or-treaters can get into the spirit with these spooky Halloween crafts, ghostly Halloween decorations, and scary Halloween house decorations. Then, it's on to fun pumpkin carving ideas and the best Halloween costumes ever.How to fold, How to fly and




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Origami Claws | Halloween Paper Claws
If your Halloween costume needs some claws you're feeling a little fierce, you can make paper claws that'll slip over each finger. They are sharp and pointy, though, so don't get carried away...They're just for show! Origami paper claws are not only fun to wear; they are also fun to make as well. Create your own "freddy fingers" or monster hands for the p --
Spooky Origami Raven for Halloween
Okay, so a raven isnt the most auspicious thing to origami, but this delicate origami raven would be a wonderful and spooky craft to make for Halloween. You can place it on top of pumpkins or looking down jeeringly from windowsills. This orignial model by Tavin is simple and yet quite accurate. With just a few folds you get a nice result starting with noth --
Mantler's Bat | Halloween Origami Bat
Want to try out an Halloween Bat that will enhance your child's dexterity? Show them how to fold this origami bat, and they'll have a Halloween decoration made completely from folding and cutting a sheet of paper. These origami bat is a great Halloween decoration. Make an entire colony of these creepy flying mammals to live in your house. These video show --
Origami Ghost | Halloween Origami
Have fun at Halloween with these Halloween origami Ghost. This video is on how to make an origami ghost. This beautiful origami ghost hase been created with lot of care taking for quality. First of all, there is this very special paper with special textile looking surface. The model is then wet-folding from one piece -no cut, no glue, which makes it look m --
Halloween Origami Pumpkin
We are all very excited about Halloween (that is around the corner) and most likely most of you will be hosting a Halloween party. And there's nothing like a good Origami decoration to be the envy of your neighbours. That's why we want to help you... Let's make those pumpkins! --
Origami Skull | Halloween
As we said, throughout this month we will be posting videos to help your Origami Halloween Decoration. This time you will be able to fold an Origami Skull, perfect to decorate walls and windows (people will definitely want to go to your place). This one is pretty simple, so you can make a lot of them! --
Halloween Origami Bat | Hungry Bat
This 3D animation demonstrates How to make an Origami Bat, the famous origami bat model "Hungry Bat", a great Origami Halloween fold! Just take a piece of square paper, and fold along with this 3D animation to get the model! Memorize it (it's really easy!) and show off your skills at your next Halloween party - or use it as decoration, whether for your c --



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