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Origami Christmas Christmas has arrived to Origami-Kids.com. We are sure we can help you set the right mood for the holliday with some mind blowing origami christmas models that will, without a doubt, enhance you christmas decoration making all your How to fold, How to fly and




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Spike Ball - Origami Tree Decoration
Origami Christmas Tree Decoration. The Spike Ball, also known as The Spiky Cuboctahedron, is a very popular model these days. For Christmas you will be able to have enough of these models to lighten up your Christmas tree (you can use different colors). Everyone in the neighborhood and in your family will envy your exotic tree. --
3D Origami Christmas Tree
Christmas has arrived to Origami-Kids.com's blog! In this first session we are posting an instructional video about how to make a 3D Origami Christmas Tree. Remember to use the right paper colors so that you get a more realistic tree. Enjoy and visit us regurlarly for unbelievable Origami Christmas models! --
Star Gift Box
As we all know, with Christmas aproaching, we have to start buying a whole bunch of presents. That's why we haven't fogotten about that and decided that today's post was gonna be a Gift Box, but not any Gift Box... an Origami Christmas Star Gift Box, aka Hexagonal Star Box. This is a gift in itself, so your gift will be wrapped inside another gift which is --
Origami Christmas Tree Fairy
I assure you that if you keep coming to the blog you won't need to buy much christmas decoration this year and actually you can even be the proud owner of a christmas tree decorated only with origami figures, how cool is that? I know, it's really cool! Today you'll be able to fold an Origami Christmas Tree Fairy. Enjoy! --
Santa Claus
Christmas Origami - Origami Santa Claus What is Christmas without Santa? Clearly not the same. So being as considerate as we are we bring you the Origami Santa Claus. I heard from a classified source that Santa brings more presents to kids that fold the Origami Santa ;-D therefore this model too is a must for the holiday. --
Origami Christmas Wreath
For this Christmas you have to fold the Origami Christmas Wreath, there's no other way around it. Indeed this is some fantastic decoration, you can hang it above your entrance door or even in your Christmas tree. Remember that we wanna help you have an astounding decoration for the hollidays. --
3D Origami Christmas Star
If you wanna set up a decent Christmas decoration, the Origami Christmas Star is a must! You can play with the paper colors the way you like, but bottom line this is a very nice model and certainly everyone will be taking good things about your decoration. Put it in the Christmas tree or above a coffee table, it doesn't matter... just fold it! --
Origami Modular Christmas Tree
Origami Modular Christmas Tree. This is just fantastic. Our following Christmas Tree is very simple but will redefine your Christmas decoration without a doubt. It's perfect for a coffee table but if you glue the modules together you can use it to decorate you real-size Christmas Tree. Enjoy! --
Origami Christmas Angel Cherubin
Another Christmas Tree Decoration is the famous Origami Angel. Using bright color you can get a fantastic model that will also light up you Christmas Decoration. This is an easy to fold model and can be folded with kids so they can play for a while. Enjoy! --
Origami Christmas Stocking
Christmas decoration means, among other things, Christmas Stocking. And what better way that getting Origami Christmas Stocking? Not only cheap, but really exotic in a way that people will be asking all night:"please, please tell me how to do it!" Well, no need to worry, it's all laid out for you in The Blog of Origami-Kids.com. Have a blast! --
World Record 2012 Paper Airplane
How to fold World Record Paper Airplane Distance Airplanes are kept in hangars and flown outdoors, but Joe Ayoob on Sunday set a potential world distance record with a flight that never left its hangar at McClellan Air Force Base in Northern California. Ayoob, a former college quarterback, tossed a paper airplane that soared a remarkable 226 feet, 10 --



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