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1 - How To Make Paper Sonic The Hedgehog IUk
How To Make Paper Sonic The Hedgehog IUk
Autor: kunglaocr
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-03-06

How To Make Paper Sonic The Hedgehog IUk. it can also be shadow or silver (how to make shadow just bend the spikes up.) and if you want to make silver just leave the spikes alon but take one flap and put it down

How to make an Origami How To Make Paper Sonic The Hedgehog IUk Model was made on 2011-03-06 by kunglaocr. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Donnitello staff [27-May-2015]
It's dumb all i get dumb crumbled paper dumbbbbb?
Shawn anderson [26-May-2015]
The dude was nine and to come up with that it might not be sonic but he made another form if oragami pretty artistic i'm artist so ik and before its said to me suck my dick to all that are going comment negatively to this?
Enriko' s creed [26-May-2015]
Bleah!!! what is this?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Delmi torres [26-May-2015]
Yo me lleve entre el e-mail es giovanni gente airplane a la”yeme que sabe que traen que?
Jack thehacka [26-May-2015]
I know it sucks people but it is not necessary to go and say 'i hope you die of aids! ' or 'f**k you fagot.' this kid was just trying to do what he thought looked like sonic. don't hate.plus the uploader even adimted that it was bad don't rub it in.?
Unicorn-killa-53 [25-May-2015]
Look you guys that was me when i was nine i am a boy who was just playing around with a piece of paper and to me it kinda looked like a sonic and yes i now know how horrible it looks but stop hating btw my voice was way deeper but the audio on my moms computer was terrible and i may be postin gaming videos now i would be happy if you checked them out, if they are even out yet thank you and if you don't like the video than i'm sorry.?
Unicorn-killa-53 [25-May-2015]
Lol u guys r so mad it's funny wow i know you want me to suck your dicks coming from the gay men epictrigga and supergopu but whatever i was only 9 so hate all u want?
Roo2rooroo [25-May-2015]
How very stupid in know what sonic looks like from heart easily?
Theepictrigga [24-May-2015]
That ai'nt sonic you dushbag!!! gayfucking shit!! suck my dick!!?
Dylan wise [24-May-2015]
I hope you die of aids?
Shaving baby [24-May-2015]
Fry be c.f. f yt? dcf?
Shaving baby [24-May-2015]
I bet he taught himself how to make that because who the fuck would make something that looks that retarded??
Rainjadevanity12 [23-May-2015]
Thank lord it was one peace of paper
Caamaearaoan [23-May-2015]
Hes a boy shut up every one that thinks hes a girl
Cai chambers [23-May-2015]
Awsome you are the best
Thetrollsniper [23-May-2015]
Preety cool and stop hating
Aljona mouse [22-May-2015]
Wow new character in the sonic paper sonic
Jibby shoot [22-May-2015]
I dont at like 1 second????? what
Jake dudug [22-May-2015]
Okay i know that its not the best thing ever, but seriously, at least he is being creative and doing stuff, all you guys do is sit on your lazy butts and critisize, let this kid do what he wants in my opinion it actually looks kinda good, at least he is trying.
Jessie love [21-May-2015]
Oh my fucking god
Thecoat91 [21-May-2015]
Sorry to bust you're fun but tape is not used in origami, im not trying to be mean but its just a tip.
Lennon conti [21-May-2015]
Luner wolf [21-May-2015]
That dosent look anything like sonic the heghog
Rene reyes [20-May-2015]
Are you a boy or a girl or a gay or a tomboy

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