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1 - Origami TARDIS (original)
Origami TARDIS (original)
Autor: PassthePaper
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-09-02

Origami TARDIS (original). An origami TARDIS of my own design. If I make diagrams then this will be updated with the link. Enjoy!

Paper Size: 15x15cm

Follow me on tumblr: http:/ / kami-no-kami.tumblr.com

This How to make an Origami Origami TARDIS (original) Model was made on 2012-09-02 by PassthePaper. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Rachel brookson [20-Dec-2014]
I give up!! way too friggin hard?
Cole kroese [19-Dec-2014]
I'm guessing ur brittish due to the way centre is compared to center?
Bawss the demon neko [19-Dec-2014]
I could make this if the video quality wasn't so dark and low and if you taught better?
Tannersmommy100 [19-Dec-2014]
I gave up after 30 seconds. instructions not clear. :-(?
Elizabeth sparkle wing? [19-Dec-2014]
Gave up about 10:19 .?
Zahra zulqarnain [18-Dec-2014]
:) awesome tutorial!
Sugarandspice324 [18-Dec-2014]
Made this for my boyfriend to surpise him for the 50th anniversary special on saturday :)?
Patrick heniser [18-Dec-2014]
Yeay thay are
Scviggers68 [17-Dec-2014]
Hiccup james [17-Dec-2014]
Actually, fezes are cool
Gabyishesparza [17-Dec-2014]
Very pretty*0* but u go too fast and i had trouble making it:(
Caitlininthetardis [17-Dec-2014]
Hiccup james [16-Dec-2014]
I bet her nails are bigger than her face.
Jenny wolf [16-Dec-2014]
You should also make a bow tie. bow ties are cool
Passthepaper [16-Dec-2014]
That's not a bad idea actually. i'll see if i can design one myself though i'm sure that i can find a design online! it's a challenge i'm going to set myself though :) and you know what's also cool? stetsons ;)
Megaepicgir [16-Dec-2014]
Liam green [15-Dec-2014]
That's awesome! please make a diagram! :d
Owen norman [15-Dec-2014]
Your picture goes perfect with the comment!!
Cursum temporis [15-Dec-2014]
I failed at the end... i opened the tardis, it was bigger on the inside :b
Francis boyer-madrieres [14-Dec-2014]
Too hard for me !
Katwillfly [14-Dec-2014]
Omg i love you lol
Know peach [14-Dec-2014]
Is it bigger on the inside?
Rpraind [14-Dec-2014]
Liam green [13-Dec-2014]
This is so cool! please make a diagram!

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Doctor Who TARDIS building TIMELAPSE [full size in 4 min]