The Easiest Origami Magic Ball Part 1 كيف تصنع كرة الأوريجام


Origami Halloween - How to Make the Origami Magic 1

1 - The Easiest Origami Magic Ball Part 1 كيف تصنع كرة الأوريجام
The Easiest Origami Magic Ball Part 1 كيف تصنع كرة الأوريجام
Autor: Mostafa Ali
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-10-20

The Easiest Origami Magic Ball Part 1 كيف تصنع كرة الأوريجام. 4 papers to make this ball, use any of the international standerd paper size example (A3, A4, A5)...i am using A5,you should use at least 100g paper cause printer paper is about 70g or 80g and it is too thin for it, You need also a glue for assembling the model.
This picture show the diffrent sizes of the paper
http:/ / www.point-one.co.uk/ images/ paper-sizes.gif
All People have a problem from 5:04 so start Pulling the paper column's Sequentially, (1 column after another)
pull it very slowly and pull the Row's Sequentially too!!
and also when u pull a column u should Hold the rest of the paper very tight !!
make it very slow and don't be mad if it didn't work at the beginning.
watch the video when u attempt to make one and pause it when u need, and also u can make it 8 stripes by 8 stripes at the beginning and when u master it you can make it 32 stripes!!
if you have a problem please send me a message.

This How to make an Origami The Easiest Origami Magic Ball Part 1 كيف تصنع كرة الأوريجام Model was made on 2009-10-20 by Mostafa Ali. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Vedant momaya [30-Jan-2015]
Doesn't work?
Joseph faustino [29-Jan-2015]
Wow easy that tnx?
Lee charles [29-Jan-2015]
I will try to make this thing that has seems to be impossible for me, but where do you get those kind of long paper??
Veridiana gutierrez [29-Jan-2015]
How much line going longer ?
Kamaldeep grewal [29-Jan-2015]
Ana daniela alcantar hernandez [28-Jan-2015]
Que onda con tu vida no se te entiende nada pero bueno el resultado esta suabe pero boy nose como en el minuto 1:26 y despues de eso ya no entiendo nada?
Sebastian rodriguez [28-Jan-2015]
Omg so hard?
Kamaldeep grewal [28-Jan-2015]
I give up?
Wootgamer ash [27-Jan-2015]
Since i don't know what a5 type paper is i would like to ask: is the sheet of paper square? ?
Paul craft [27-Jan-2015]
Is awesome ?
Kamaldeep grewal [27-Jan-2015]
Dina lingga [27-Jan-2015]
So nice?
Jinjutha parkporn [26-Jan-2015]
Tyila123 [26-Jan-2015]
Time to do 2 more :3
Anthony jaimes [26-Jan-2015]
Marta kfouri [26-Jan-2015]
Vai se fuder mt dificil e a imagem mt ruim
Robert reynaert [25-Jan-2015]
Mice vid
Gege1155 [25-Jan-2015]
Mob clan [25-Jan-2015]
Does a4 work
Shanmalon [24-Jan-2015]
I think the best thing is to press and pull at the same time...
Steven kinsley [24-Jan-2015]
Suck it
????? ???? [24-Jan-2015]
??? ???
Everythingn0w [24-Jan-2015]
5:o8 this is the hard part i know have to come through your screen and do it for you, because sure as hell you won't do it right!
Just dance 2014 [23-Jan-2015]
Very very very hard thubs up if its hard

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