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1 - Origami Magic Rose Cube (Valerie Vann) A8E
Origami Magic Rose Cube (Valerie Vann) A8E
Autor: Jo Nakashima
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-11-24

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How to make an Origami Magic Rose Cube. It is a cube that can be transformed into a rose with a few simple moves.

Green and Red modules are made with the same size of paper. (10cm x 10cm is a good size for this model)
In this model we'll use 6 units (3 of each color)

Designed by Valerie Vann

How to make an Origami Origami Magic Rose Cube (Valerie Vann) A8E Model was made on 2009-11-24 by Jo Nakashima. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Halloween Video Gallery > Magic 1 > Origami Magic Rose Cube (Valerie Vann) A8E

Fangsquared [28-Apr-2015]
2:20 step 8: fold like so step 9: magically pull two identical pieces out of your ass?
Juan gonzalez [27-Apr-2015]
Damn, i bet this shit get's you mad bitches lol real talk!?
Luis soto [27-Apr-2015]
What type of papper are you supposed to use??
Mopmop 111 [27-Apr-2015]
Like if you are watching this for 14 februari (valentines day)?
Ddy m [27-Apr-2015]
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8eylfwxv_0 beautifull but difficult :( who will try to do??
Remaas ali [26-Apr-2015]
I tried it and i its working thx but i struggle in the green leavesi did the same as red?
Mysticalrhythms [26-Apr-2015]
This tutorial would be so much better if you weren't using light colored paper with such heavy lighting ?
Chris holtland [26-Apr-2015]
Leuk om te maken?
Aisha khan [25-Apr-2015]
Ok, so 1:50 is the trickiest part. i have to watch it 10 million times and then maybe get it a little. plz, talk next time!?
Jack last name unknown [25-Apr-2015]
Okay this is amazing i thought it would be hard its not! i love this flower thanks for showing us! thumbs up! :)?
Vic rangel espinosa [25-Apr-2015]
Porque no hablas?
Ariel perez [25-Apr-2015]
This was easier than i thought; got it on my first try too. ?
Sipel mussa [24-Apr-2015]
Echt een leuk knutselwerkje hh maar wel moeilijk om te maken maar is echt super mooi!!?
Jivan minifee [24-Apr-2015]
Thanks so much, way easier than magic ball!!! :d?
Erika murillo [24-Apr-2015]
Making for my mom and dad's anniversary present! great video, and it isn't your fault that it was difficult! lol. xd p.s. at 2:25 i saw three of em, and i was thinking... fudge.?
Artionzens [24-Apr-2015]
This is great and simple?
Frndly bk [23-Apr-2015]
Origami magic rose cube (valerie vann): https://youtu.be/a8eylfwxv_0?
Lordsgaming - minecraft, coc, etc [23-Apr-2015]
Lol i did it :d im 12 years old so i feel proud of myself. id like to thank the academy!?
Erkiel puaro [23-Apr-2015]
?????????!?????? ?? ?????????????!)???????)?
Juliet nelson [22-Apr-2015]
I think,this is an awesome origami video ??
Omar khader [22-Apr-2015]
I used some randome papers i found (a4) it turned ou to be toooo big i wanted to give it to my crush :( other than that great vid and try to say what we need in the start of the vid?
Robin gay [22-Apr-2015]
Origami magic rose cube (valerie vann): http://youtu.be/a8eylfwxv_0?
Ron snyder [22-Apr-2015]
I wish u could make me 1?
Karen w. [21-Apr-2015]
Mine fell apart, when i tried to 'unfold it' at the end :( i don't know wath i did wrong. i followed the video step by step?

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