Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer


Origami Halloween - How to Make the Origami Magic 1

1 - Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer
Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer
Autor: jeremyshaferorigami
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-02-05

2 - Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy ShaferFold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer. The model in this video is an optical illusion. Without even touching the model it appears to rotate whichever way you move! This is a model I designed and published in my book, Origami to Astonish and Amuse, sold on Amazon here:
http:/ / amzn.to/ 13smJt7

3 - Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy ShaferThis How to make an Origami Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer Model was made on 2011-02-05 by jeremyshaferorigami. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Halloween Video Gallery > Magic 1 > Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer

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Misaki [17-Apr-2014]
@itachieye12 you close one of your eyes and rock back and forth. but anyway... you were like 2 years ago. ?
Origami joy [16-Apr-2014]
So cool.?
Kratosplaysmc [16-Apr-2014]
I dont get it?
Nigel yong [16-Apr-2014]
Amazing cube but looking at it makes my eyes tired?
Bestsoccergoals [16-Apr-2014]
Thats incredible?
Xxxbestvidsxxx [15-Apr-2014]
Nvm but it still dont work?
Read fritsch [15-Apr-2014]
It no work.?
Ali hussain [15-Apr-2014]
Creepy music?
Rathik sarayu [14-Apr-2014]
Can make this magic cube with white paper ?
Ruby stargell [14-Apr-2014]
It was cool?
Denny t [14-Apr-2014]
Awsome it works?
Hatim rebbani [14-Apr-2014]
Close ne eyse or use a caméra to se thé illusion ?
Blake hunter [13-Apr-2014]
It's like that 3-d dinosaur illusion ?
James barratt [13-Apr-2014]
Omfg that is soo cool! i wonder why the illusion works on a camera but you have to close one eye to see it when you make one yourself...??
Rakesh kumar [13-Apr-2014]
Works it only with dark colors
Tinyqueezer [13-Apr-2014]
Jeremy which book is better for flashers
Angelo marcon [12-Apr-2014]
Opticall illusion
Jeremyshaferorigami [12-Apr-2014]
@danbergam thanks dan, i'm very impressed with your videos too. and wow, are they popular! i just subscribed. you're my first subscription. i hope you don't mind me tapping into your fanbase by posting video responses to your videos. i'm a howto video newbie. any hints are appreciated. in folds, jeremy
Goireland123 [12-Apr-2014]
Awesome model!
Ag cuber [11-Apr-2014]
Wow! thanks it works
Jeremyshaferorigami [11-Apr-2014]
@rxe08 thanks rex. your magic cube video is really kick ass! i guess you know that ... mr. 1.3 million views! congrats!
Luke bos [11-Apr-2014]
Thetkk15 [11-Apr-2014]
I like your balancing eagle
Tmaster [10-Apr-2014]
Origami ooh la laa has more flashers the ones jeremy did'nt teach on youtube get origammi ooh la laa.

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