Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer


Origami Halloween - How to Make the Origami Magic 1

1 - Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer
Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer
Autor: JeremyShaferOrigami
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-02-05

Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer. The model in this video is an optical illusion. Without even touching the model it appears to rotate whichever way you move! This is a model I designed and published in my book, Origami to Astonish and Amuse, sold on Amazon here:
http:/ / amzn.to/ 13smJt7

This How to make an Origami Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer Model was made on 2011-02-05 by JeremyShaferOrigami. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Halloween Video Gallery > Magic 1 > Fold An Origami Magic Cube! Designed By Jeremy Shafer

????????? ??????? [1-Feb-2015]
Awesome i made it and it works its realy cool thanks jeremy ?
Cam the epic bam!! [1-Feb-2015]
Omg this is awesome. i was so disappointed at first because it wasn't working but then i figured out that if u close your left eye and stand back about a foot or two a move your head around it actually works!!!! so awsome. i wowed lots of people with it!!?
Faith aimua [1-Feb-2015]
Im always stuck with your origami instructions, im never coming to this channel again?
Petar vukotic [1-Feb-2015]
Great optical illusion it realy works!?
Marc agbayani [1-Feb-2015]
Just close one eye and mive arround till you found a spot that looks like a cube then just move left right up or down or draw eyes and mound as in faces ?
Oxytocine [1-Feb-2015]
It doesn't work for me i try it but it doesn't work?
Jra novk [1-Feb-2015]
Good video and you are great musicant :d?
Mohamad naim [1-Feb-2015]
Ahahaha.. this optical illusion make me headache.. but it amusing.. thanks..?
Wen kang [1-Feb-2015]
It is so cool. good job jeremy?
Minecraftos _56 [1-Feb-2015]
Brian luong [1-Feb-2015]
._______. took me 1 hr?
Abrar hussain [1-Feb-2015]
Did not work for me?
Irtizaali123 [1-Feb-2015]
Jackie bradley [1-Feb-2015]
I love this origami its awesome?
Malavika ahlawat [1-Feb-2015]
If u record on your mobile then u can see the illusion?
Extreme conspicuous origami [1-Feb-2015]
At the beginning of the video i thought is something weird with the cube than it really is the cube can't balance?
Rama sastry [1-Feb-2015]
Hi mr.jeremy shafer i like your origami. i wish i could meet you and i like origami i almost did all your origami things.?
Evan ren [1-Feb-2015]
Guys it's an illusion.... ?
Multicool789 [1-Feb-2015]
Mikee that is so cool?
Appleyapple1 [1-Feb-2015]
Ahaha 'make that big nose go to the left..'?
Nathan harris [1-Feb-2015]
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool?
Xiurong zhang [1-Feb-2015]
I culdnt make it the last part is hard?
Mark billy [1-Feb-2015]
Looks a lot like my cube?
Jadwin brown [1-Feb-2015]
57 seconds you need to watch your mouth boy!!!!!?

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Floating Optical illusion tutorial with plan(キョロキョロ)Плавающие