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1 - How To Make A Paper Beyblade 8fy
How To Make A Paper Beyblade 8fy
Autor: 360mamun
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-04-10

How To Make A Paper Beyblade 8fy. i know my voice is low because of my webcam.so you are going to want to higher the volume of your speaker.

How to make an Origami How To Make A Paper Beyblade 8fy Model was made on 2011-04-10 by 360mamun. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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S.r. krishna kumar [3-May-2015]
U suck ?
Minecrafter 12xdimension [2-May-2015]
I tried it by putting it in a stadium against another beyblade and sadly my real beyblade lost and the paper one won?
Khateeb sajid [2-May-2015]
It is just a spinner?
Khateeb sajid [2-May-2015]
That is not a blyblade?
Angel villanueva [2-May-2015]
But good try do?
Angel villanueva [1-May-2015]
Thats a spinnen dumbow !!!!?
360mamun [1-May-2015]
@cobalt980 ur a idiot
Ahmedcj100 [1-May-2015]
This video sucks
Kenzielove94 [1-May-2015]
Joeytick8 [1-May-2015]
@cobalt980 shut up stop being prejudice hater
Shakir darwaish [1-May-2015]
I can do that faster
Noahtheamazing9 [1-May-2015]
@360mamun dude this is good, dont listen to all the haters. everyone at my school love these things and we have fun with them. just dont listen. :)
Amaurion moore [1-May-2015]
That s a spinner not a bey
Anthony sandoval [1-May-2015]
Kori miller [1-May-2015]
Craetive idea and great for a kid's bday! thank you.
Megagamingxpert [1-May-2015]
@360mamun i still like the vid nice job
Dawn franada [1-May-2015]
I already know how to make it
Flokyps [1-May-2015]
@kboy13579 hahahahhahah u are king dude hahahahahha!
Ghostmanly [1-May-2015]
Thanks dude your cool
Y0utub3productions [1-May-2015]
Ya i do man.. im not being fake im for real
Ttutson9 [1-May-2015]
That wasnt a beyblade
360mamun [1-May-2015]
@noahtheamazing9 thnk you very much :)
Y0utub3productions [1-May-2015]
Wow thats fuckin sick
Abhiram anil [1-May-2015]
When he rotate last we can not see the beyblade

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