Floribots - Robot Flowers


Origami Halloween - How to Make the Origami Dance 1

1 - Floribots - Robot Flowers
Floribots - Robot Flowers
Autor: Geoffrey Drake-Brockman
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2008-05-29

2 - Floribots - Robot FlowersFloribots - Robot Flowers. Matrix of 128 robotic origami flowerpots. Artwork by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman. Over 4,000 moving parts. Fully autominous and interactive collective organism.

3 - Floribots - Robot FlowersThis How to make an Origami Floribots - Robot Flowers Model was made on 2008-05-29 by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Dutchpapergirl [1-Aug-2014]
I like it! are the flowers made out of paper? if so, what is the pattern?
Geoffrey drake-brockman [1-Aug-2014]
Inspiration.... i am interested in automata - self-directed systems that potentially can be 'art making machines'. i wanted a repetition-based artwork that could interact with people directly in human space. i chose origami flowers to create a connection to a familiar, accessible, motif for the audience.
Kylie oliver [1-Aug-2014]
Thats sooooooooooo cool
Kylie oliver [1-Aug-2014]
I was just trying to be nice, jerk (there's no sense in responding )
Geoffrey drake-brockman [1-Aug-2014]
The flowers are made from paper. the paper is reinforced in certain areas and painted three colours in auto lacquer. there is a system of steel , plastic, and aluminium struts that support the paper flower and allow it to open and close. the origami pattern is a 'chatterbox' or 'fortune teller'.
Geoffrey drake-brockman [1-Aug-2014]
These flowers are not cg, they are physical robots. total space occupied by the 128 units is 8m by 4m, video shows installation at the national gallery of australia in 2005.
Lazylee [1-Aug-2014]
Hey i saw your exebition in singapore and i would like to know what inspired you to make this art work?
Vj franz k [1-Aug-2014]
Who says robots can only imitate animals? ;-)
Oobydoobbanoubie [1-Aug-2014]
What are you? 5?!?

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