Origami : How To Make A Pyramid Out Of Paper


Origami Halloween - How to Make the Origami Children 1

1 - Origami : How To Make A Pyramid Out Of Paper
Origami : How To Make A Pyramid Out Of Paper
Autor: eHowArtsAndCrafts
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2010-06-24

2 - Origami : How To Make A Pyramid Out Of PaperOrigami : How To Make A Pyramid Out Of Paper. Making a paper pyramid requires only a colored piece of square paper and a little knowhow. Fold yourself a paper pyramid with guidance from an origami expert in this free video on origami.

Expert: Ana Maria Paramo Velasquez
Bio: Ana Maria Paramo Velasquez is an art student who has been creating and teaching origami for years.
Filmmaker: Aaron Sinn

Series Description:

3 - Origami : How To Make A Pyramid Out Of PaperThis How to make an Origami Origami : How To Make A Pyramid Out Of Paper Model was made on 2010-06-24 by eHowArtsAndCrafts. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Yolanda herrera [21-Aug-2014]
Everybody should just leave the girl alone u guys r probably hating becuz u guys r probably really stupid.?
Faris aljazzar [20-Aug-2014]
2:45 is wasted of my life watching abslute shittttt?
Joycee lor [20-Aug-2014]
Sorry to say this but this doesn't help at all especially the part when you need to fold the flap at the end. ?
Yahya ahmed [20-Aug-2014]
Samarjit bey [20-Aug-2014]
No its not?
Samarjit bey [19-Aug-2014]
Worst pyramid video ever?
Tapok31 [19-Aug-2014]
????? ?????
Cod tricky [19-Aug-2014]
10:11 llllloooooooooooool trollllllllll
Aryanboomfive [18-Aug-2014]
Stupid video you suck
Xxxboxlegendxxx [18-Aug-2014]
The fuck????
Richard murasaki [18-Aug-2014]
Loved the color of the background .
Drainide [18-Aug-2014]
@zakirsobirov what the fuck? u stupid?
Themasked0ne [17-Aug-2014]
Wow just retarded
Irdagood1 [17-Aug-2014]
Sugarrplum0 [17-Aug-2014]
Wtf what kinda pyramid is that?
Shrey shravan [17-Aug-2014]
Idiot that's not a pyramid even a 2 yr child knows that!!!!!!!! dumb!!!!!
Joseph schwalke [16-Aug-2014]
This is a fucked up piece of shit fucking video.
Xxxboxlegendxxx [16-Aug-2014]
This girl should be fired!!!
Readysetsing13 [16-Aug-2014]
@itutorial0 i highly doubt that, i clicked on his channal. it was never made. if u need to talk to someone about lonlyness email me. sing is another term 4 help:)
Ahmad khatiz [15-Aug-2014]
Like a boss! xd
Amanat hussain [15-Aug-2014]
What the flip is this?
Mrsambonerful [15-Aug-2014]
I didnt enjoy iy
Projekt33 [15-Aug-2014]
Son of a @#$%^
Ma ta [14-Aug-2014]
You are not an origami expert!!!!

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