Paper Robe 1 Photos | Acoustic Guitar (Ukulele) | 787


Origami Robe 1 - Photo Gallery - Origami Halloweens

Paper Robe 1 Photos | Acoustic Guitar (Ukulele) | 787

Paper Robe 1 Photos | Acoustic Guitar (Ukulele) | 787

Author: Paulius Mielinis Folder: Paulius Mielinis Paper: Kraft + foil. Test fold. Folded for a challenge we took up with my friend - ''Music instruments''

This photo was taken on 2010-12-29 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Halloween Photo Gallery > Robe 1 > Paper Robe 1 Photos | Acoustic Guitar (Ukulele) | 787

Paper Robe 1 Photos | Acoustic Guitar (Ukulele) | 787

Evi binzinger [24-Oct-2014]
Very nice!
Pauliusorigami [23-Oct-2014]
Thank you!
Eyerock`s origami [23-Oct-2014]
Nice... your first steps to your rock band (country band lol) .. like eric joisels corps:)
Pauliusorigami [23-Oct-2014]
Hehe. thank you :)
Gj0kyz [22-Oct-2014]
Lovely model. i suppose with a little modification you could design a cello as well.
Pauliusorigami [22-Oct-2014]
Thank you. but cello is easier a bit, cello doesn't have a hole. :)
Joshua goutam [22-Oct-2014]
Wow. that's just awesome, paul!!!
Janet bavido [22-Oct-2014]
This is great! all the little lines to depict the strings is a nice touch!
Beaver1944 [21-Oct-2014]
Great origami of the acoustic guitar paulius and great detail of the strings. wonderful!!
Pauliusorigami [21-Oct-2014]
Thank you all!!! i still want to improve it (e.g. tuners, proportions and to make it cleaner)
Zhantyzgz [21-Oct-2014]
From a square?
Malai mavino@850 [20-Oct-2014]
Excellent focus ! excellent shot ! really beautiful picture wonderful perspective and wonderful colour is really great work. i am having internet problem lately in my home, sorry cant comment on your wonderful picture, on the time!!!!! hope now i can enjoy the lovely picture of you…. thanks my friends for each praise, comment and support! have wonderful week 2 you and your wonderful family..
Kingfisher888 [20-Oct-2014]
A great fold well done.
Pauliusorigami [20-Oct-2014]
@ zhantyzgz thank you for asking, i forgot to mention. actually this model was folded not from an actual square, i made a paper and cut out a piece without measuring - it's ratio was about 6:7 or so - not a big difference than a square.. but i believe this model can be folded from a precise square, and i promise my next fold will use a square :) @ malai mavino thank you!
Carl chen [19-Oct-2014]
Amazing talent; so beautiful!
Zhantyzgz [19-Oct-2014]
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/pauliusorigami] , i don't despreciate a model because it is not from square. what will happens to joisel's musical intruments if i do? thanks for the info.
Daveinhst [19-Oct-2014]
Very cool!
Analiagtz [19-Oct-2014]
Very good! :)
Duk origami [18-Oct-2014]
I like the shapes of objects
Morpheology [18-Oct-2014]
Nice! i thought i saw the trick to it and tried it on the dollar but i failed.
Aurici2rici [18-Oct-2014]
But...can you tell us how do you do that? i need diagrams
Pauliusorigami [17-Oct-2014]
I haven't done a diagram

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Paper Robe 1 Photos | Acoustic Guitar (Ukulele) | 787

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