Paper Robe 1 Photos | Perched Locust | 661


Origami Robe 1 - Photo Gallery - Origami Halloweens

Paper Robe 1 Photos | Perched Locust | 661

Paper Robe 1 Photos | Perched Locust | 661

Author: Brian Chan Folder: Paulius Mielinis Paper size 15 cm. Final model 6 cm in length.

This photo was taken on 2010-11-14 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Halloween Photo Gallery > Robe 1 > Paper Robe 1 Photos | Perched Locust | 661

Paper Robe 1 Photos | Perched Locust | 661

Joshua goutam [23-Jul-2014]
Carlos n. molina - paper art [22-Jul-2014]
Fantastic! carlos n.
Gj0kyz [22-Jul-2014]
Excellent and great paper choice.
Tskorigami [21-Jul-2014]
That your signature?great! i just ''like it the best''! good job! and welcome back. ain't seen you for a long time! um.could you please mention where the cp is?
Pauliusorigami [20-Jul-2014]
I folded it from diagrams. they are in cdo 2010 book. thanks all!! and yes, i was away from origami for a while due to my studies, so i find time for folding not so often :) and yes, that's my signature. i hope it's not too boring:)
Madiyar.amerkeshev [19-Jul-2014]
Looks great!
Joshua goutam [19-Jul-2014]
I have that book and i can't beleive i missed it! i need to fold it!
Pauliusorigami [18-Jul-2014]
Yes. it is a must to fold it. and it's 100 times better model than langs locust. pleasure to fold ;)

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Paper Robe 1 Photos | Perched Locust | 661

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