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1 - How To Make A Minecraft Diamond Sword tDN
How To Make A Minecraft Diamond Sword tDN
Autor: pine21abc
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-07-02

How To Make A Minecraft Diamond Sword tDN. this was a pain to make the sword and record it it was even worse editting the video.

How to make an Origami How To Make A Minecraft Diamond Sword tDN Model was made on 2012-07-02 by pine21abc. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Gospodin_ jinsi [23-May-2015]
Ube.com/feeds/api/videos/tdntwvdeiz4/comments/z13xc5dw1onzevy3c23dxx1iowufv5xo5042014-09-13t10:00:24.000z2014-09-13t10:00:24.000zgospodin_ jinsihttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/g16ef3aszpkhjqn-jrgz4aucg16ef3aszpkhjqn-jrgz4a1116770902565467789300tdntwvdeiz4
Hasnain mirza [22-May-2015]
The one underneath is right?
Hamid mahmud [22-May-2015]
I agree with kingrone 134 ?
Bryan thespgamer [22-May-2015]
Fuck him hiks nota usia a fucking printer fucking fucking fucking you fucking channel fucking thio fucking youf ass fucking youf dick you hadi hot set yeak fuck the sex you had fuck in youf fucking undies?
Hasnain mirza [22-May-2015]
Zakaru mokko [21-May-2015]
If the other side isn't colored... just fix it.. don't rage!?
Hasnain mirza [21-May-2015]
Zakaru mokko [21-May-2015]
Dumbasses who just think of the music... what complete fckers... 'great'?
Hasnain mirza [20-May-2015]
This is worse rubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbish weirdo you dont know hoe to draw idiot?
Icebros44 [20-May-2015]
Eh...i made a better sword than this... >_
Wither pilot96 [20-May-2015]
Why do you not print the image?
Jalen harris [20-May-2015]
Wow get a f*****ing life?
Bossgaming s [19-May-2015]
That song sucked?
Lisa nguyen [19-May-2015]
Hating the music.
Konata sama [19-May-2015]
What is with the song?!
Kingone134 [19-May-2015]
Lines are crooked
Mickle mc [18-May-2015]
It great!!!!!!!! and music is very nice!!!! and movie!
Kristobal nicolas [18-May-2015]
???? ????
Mtndewferret [18-May-2015]
Funny how it doesnt show the other side at all.
Anthony harris [17-May-2015]
Hb384229 [17-May-2015]
Print it out !!
Toongrizzly [17-May-2015]
Nekesha nagpal [17-May-2015]
There's a much easier way..
Darce man [16-May-2015]
Wow that's impressive ..what a lot of work..

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Diamond Sword (Minecraft) - MAN AT ARMS

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