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1 - Cessna 182 RC Plane Crash dge
Cessna 182 RC Plane Crash dge
Autor: wickedinsight
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2011-03-10

Cessna 182 RC Plane Crash dge. Plastic wing supporters broke off due to major G force, anyone with this plane should reinforce or change the plastic to aluminum.
This is the latest version of CESSNA 182 with 2.4GHz Radio System. Compared with the old version (AP03-4), it has modified battery box, and the plane body has newly equipped with supporting rod, this increases the strength of the plane. Further more, flap is added to the plane body to enhance flight performance on stability. This 5CH Skyartec Cessna 182 is different from others. This Cessna is equipped with 4 servos not 3 servos as common. It includes everything the beginner needs. RC Toys

How to make an Origami Cessna 182 RC Plane Crash dge Model was made on 2011-03-10 by wickedinsight. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Camilo8cheryl [28-Apr-2015]
The design of that plane is not made for those maneuvers period! looks like you are an experienced pilot,you should know better.now start to fly where there are no one who's gonna be in danger.?
Ladamw1967 [27-Apr-2015]
Close to two people with car !. you were lucky this time !. change flying site, or you are going to denounce someday!. this is absolutely irresponsible of you.?
Vass [27-Apr-2015]
Why buy a scale plane then not fly it 'scale' inevitable happenned?
31k4l [27-Apr-2015]
Well.. without wings, its not gonna fly :d !?
Raw150 [27-Apr-2015]
With over 500,000 views there should be enough advertising revenue to fund a new model :-)?
Higheralpha [26-Apr-2015]
A carbon fiber wing spar mod could simply be of help for this type of flying style ?
David tormey [26-Apr-2015]
'major g force'! this is a cessna, not an extra! you were flying this far too hard from the minute you took off - that was obviously going to happen. as james williams said below - it was amazing that it lasted that long the way you were flying it, and with people and vehicles nearby, totally irresponsible.?
Gavindoesminecraft bennett [26-Apr-2015]
Where can i buy this? please respond?
Piero cosimo [25-Apr-2015]
You're crazy and you've been very lucky.this plane is not able to withstand these stresses.and then fly between buildings, electric cables ...?
Rcalldaylong [25-Apr-2015]
Pilot error?
Motta junior [25-Apr-2015]
It happened with me yesterday!!! but i was in safe place, with none near. the plane was the same!!?
R.c. fun at home ? r.c. [25-Apr-2015]
Good job flying to bad that happened ?
Steve smith [24-Apr-2015]
This is what happens when pilots do extreme things in the air. the pilot probably blacked out. my brother died the exact same way. scary.?
Shlomi david [24-Apr-2015]
You good pilot?
Neodym 007 [24-Apr-2015]
If you build a cessna than fly it like a cessna, or bulid yourself a proper acrobatic airplane.?
Burritos1000 [24-Apr-2015]
'full aerobatic characteristics; inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins are possible...' people keep referring to this capabilities mentioned by the manufacturer, but those maneuvers are possible without the super high loads on the wings. the problem was that the pilot kept doing stuff like, diving and then snapping into a loop, or continuously snapping into a turn. good flying skillz, tho.?
Frei denker [23-Apr-2015]
Sad - she lost the wings - why??
Leefuji [23-Apr-2015]
That poor cessna wasn't ready for 3d flying and extreme maneuvers ..... at least the wheel kept rolling to the left after it plopped ?
Pfcdre1 [23-Apr-2015]
I have to agree with others saying stress on the airframe caused this, its a scale plane that may be capable of doing those tricks, but i never see a full size 182 doing those stunts, your obviously a capable pilot, might i advise a model designed for doing those stunts, sorry your cessna got smashed up but its more of an advanced trainer than stunt plane, any high wing plane like, cub, dh2c etc will have same outcome eventually. i have a beaver dh2c for relaxing flight and warbirds for fun. hope you got it back together, thanks for sharing?
Eduardo barriga [22-Apr-2015]
Beautiful plane but what astonishes me more is where you fly. here we can only fly in sites that have absolutely no buildings, trees etc. for at least one kilometre around. you were looking for trouble!! and may i respectfully recommend you to build your own models using balsa and ply. this way you can be sure how strong it is being made. foamies made in china or anywhere else are just toys for grown up men,. real aeromodelling means building the plane yourself, either from kit or plan. ?
Chris mcginty [22-Apr-2015]
That would get you booted out of a few airparks. good thing it didn't land on someone or something. good video on what not to do and how not to do it.?
Mitropoulosilias [22-Apr-2015]
You were doing loops all the time.. althought if you had reinforced the wing holder there will be no problem.. i am going to buy this plane!! :-)?
Niels wens [22-Apr-2015]
Lol, great beginner plane abuse! ?
Jeepman012 [21-Apr-2015]
Nice flight intil the wing mount gave way, it looked like the mounting screw's or nuts let go, would still like to have one, as it looks so good in the air.?

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Bush pilot in Guatemala. Cessna 182 in the jungle.

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