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1 - Minecraft Papercraft Enderdragon bOP
Minecraft Papercraft Enderdragon bOP
Autor: jojesper
Category: Gaming
Published: 2013-04-07

Minecraft Papercraft Enderdragon bOP. Here is my enderdragon. This is the hardest thing i ever made! I hope you like it. You can make your own here: http:/ / pixelpapercraft.com/ papercraft/ 4f1baf47cb1c433c04000095/ ender-dragon

How to make an Origami Minecraft Papercraft Enderdragon bOP Model was made on 2013-04-07 by jojesper. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Gallerie Video Gallery > Cuckoo 1 > Minecraft Papercraft Enderdragon bOP

Christian richie [27-Apr-2015]
Omg!!!!!!! cool i like it but wanna prin in google find out https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant'ion=1'espv=2'ie=utf-8#q=minecraft+papercraft+enderdragon ?
The gare bear [26-Apr-2015]
How do you put the wing s on plz help?
Kyle martin mayoralgo [26-Apr-2015]
Make a stop motion please?
L4l ninj4 l4l [26-Apr-2015]
Jojesper tes video son tros classe qelles ages a tu tu pourer me repondre stp je t adore et tes video je les adore aussies comme les assassin creed 3 et 4?
Crowman uk [26-Apr-2015]
What paper do you use? ?
Catplaysgames [25-Apr-2015]
No eyes lol?
Julian grassnot [25-Apr-2015]
How did you fold it so nicely? i am currently making one myself and i am doing quite fine, but your's has nearly to none paper showing! your incredible!?
Zigzagzoo123 [25-Apr-2015]
It is probably takes a long time but good job bro?
Nik origamilegomaster [24-Apr-2015]
How do you make these papercrafts? there so awesome!?
Zigzagzoo123 [24-Apr-2015]
Make me one plz?
Lazer ninja [24-Apr-2015]
Looks delicate ?
Zigzagzoo123 [24-Apr-2015]
Wat de blok [23-Apr-2015]
Helena plays mc [23-Apr-2015]
Epic :d?
Skye holden [23-Apr-2015]
Aaaaah i hate this oh by the way its good but still i wont to know how to make it?
Blackgaming hs [23-Apr-2015]
Leagendary papercrafter [22-Apr-2015]
Its not hard i made a enderdragon and a netherdragon and staring on my red dragon with a rider well my netherdragon has a rider
Leagendary papercrafter [22-Apr-2015]
I made the enderdragon in a hour it was way too easy!
Pizzadoesminecraft [22-Apr-2015]
The eyes dick
Herobrine [21-Apr-2015]
Ohhhh, thank you for telling me
Visionxfeyzo [21-Apr-2015]
!!! nice
Jojesper [21-Apr-2015]
I know im dutch :) are you dutch?
Litman [21-Apr-2015]
What paper you use
Leagendary papercrafter [20-Apr-2015]
Really that's sad

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