Paper Box 7 Photos | Origami box | 144


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Paper Box 7 Photos | Origami box | 144

Paper Box 7 Photos | Origami box | 144

I tried and failed... Maybe you can do it. The last step is to blow through the hole in the end... Then you push the top and bottom in and it turns into a box.

This photo was taken on 2007-02-20 in leicestershire, England.

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Gallerie Photo Gallery > Box 7 > Paper Box 7 Photos | Origami box | 144

Paper Box 7 Photos | Origami box | 144

Pj's photography [18-Apr-2014]
Maybe it's because the instructions are in japanese, i know that would stump me 'cause there is no diagram that describes blow.
Frogbeeknot [16-Apr-2014]
I made thousands of these when i was a kid. sometimes i would fill them with water and throw them at my sisters. great fun!
Blackdelphin [15-Apr-2014]
I did it and it did inflate but i had to unfold the last two steps...the hole was to little for my mouth to make pressure in there xd but then i didn't know how to push the top n bottom...

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Paper Box 7 Photos | Origami box | 144

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