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It's times like these... Paper Box 17 Photos 504


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It's times like these... Paper Box 17 Photos 504

It's times like these... Paper Box 17 Photos 504

...that I really start to hate the media. Someone from the school newspaper interviewed me, telling me that I was brought up in the discussion the journalism class was having about creating a new ''spotlight'' section in the school paper, given as a shout out to people with special talents. I greatly appreciate that they chose me as the first to be noticed, but here's where I rage: The media doesn't care about detail. Everything they say is exaggerated and they put things in that you never say. Within a minute of picking up the paper I noticed things like: Q: ''What is the criteria.'' A: ''No cut, No glue, 1 PIECE'' At the bottom right corner, you can see Valerie Vann's Rose Cube, 6 pieces. I made that well known Q: ''What's the biggest thing you've ever folded'' A: ''A dragon from a 27 inch square, 8 hours, 227 steps.'' At the time of the interview I ''guesstimated'' the Bahamut to be around 245 steps. I have no idea where 227 came from. And lastly Q: ''When did you begin creating origami'' A: ''I started doing origami when I got bored and my mother gave me an origami book she got from Japan.'' I took about 10 minutes telling the story of how my mother wanted to introduce this art form to me because of the creative potential I had, and that she personally sat me down and began teaching me some easy models like a small elephant, and from then on I asked for books or searched through libraries and websites. Not even my somewhat inspirational story was left as is. Update: The St Louis Post Dispatch took up interest in my article. They interviewed a classmate of mine and my Bio teacher. It can be read in full here.

This photo was taken on 2011-10-17 in Chesterfield, Missouri, United States.

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It's times like these... Paper Box 17 Photos 504

Rebecccaravelry [4-Feb-2016]
Too bad they misquoted you! congratulations on being spotlighted, though!
Cbfolds [1-Feb-2016]
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/51122793@n04] thank you very much! it was actually kind of funny strolling through school on the day they released this because everybody was telling me ''oh my god, you're in the newspaper!'' thinking i didn't know. i also gained a lot of recognition for this, and a few people who i have classes with have started asking me if i could teach them some models. the group running the paper also asked me if i would like to start an origami club during my senior year and i said sure, so they're trying to get me a spot.

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It's times like these... Paper Box 17 Photos 504

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