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Origami Tulip Flower Instructions cPo


Origami Flower - How to Make the Origami Tulip 1

1 - Origami Tulip Flower Instructions cPo
Origami Tulip Flower Instructions cPo
Autor: Origamite - Origami Video Instructions
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-06-20

Origami Tulip Flower Instructions cPo. How to fold an Origami Tulip flower. This is very easy video instructions.
Make a stem http:/ / youtu.be/ D5EwxPeDUYU?t=3m22s

Tulips, the symbol of spring and new life are perfect for Valentine's day, for Easter, for birthdays, for the birth of babies, and for other such joyous occasions.
It can also be used as table and other decoration for weddings, engagement parties, Easter celebrations, Birthdays for young and old. Why not place it as a pretty accessory on the plates of your guests at a corporate party or other more official event?
This pretty origami is something you can give your mother, wife, friend, a colleague without any occasion, and be sure it will make them happy, and appreciative of your attention.

Find below how to write an origami tulip in deferent languages:
Arabic: زهرة الزنبق أوريغامي
Bulgarian: Оригами цвете лале
Chinese Traditional: 折紙鬱金香花
Czech: Origami Tulipán květ
Origami Tulip flower
Estonian: Origami Tulip lill
Finnish: Origami Tulip kukka
French: Origami Fleur de tulipe
German: Origami Tulpe Blume
Greek: Origami Toulipa
Haitian Creole: Origami Tilip flè
Hebrew: פרח טוליפ אוריגמי
Hungarian: Origami tulipán virág
Indonesian: Bunga Tulip origami
Italian: Fiore tulipano origami
Japanese: 折り紙のチューリップの花
Latvian: Origami tulpes ziedu
Lithuanian: Origami Tulpė gėlės
Malay: Origami bunga Tulip
Maltese: Origami Tulip fjura
Norwegian: Origami Tulip blomst
Persian: اوریگامی گل لاله
Polish: Kwiat origami tulipan
Portuguese: Flor de tulipa de origami
Romanian: Origami floare de lalea
Russian: Оригами тюльпан цветок
Slovak: Origami tulipán kvety
Slovenian: Origami tulipanov cvet
Spanish: Flor de tulipán de origami
Thai: ดอกทิวลิปพับ
Turkish: Origami Lale çiçek
Ukrainian: Тюльпан орігамі квітка
Urdu: Origami لالہ کے پھول
Vietnamese: Origami Hoa Tulip

How to make an Origami Origami Tulip Flower Instructions cPo Model was made on 2011-06-20 by Origamite - Origami Video Instructions. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Alex tselos [27-May-2015]
Toulipa (greek)?
Miel mani [26-May-2015]
A good video but with extremely irritating music. why replace it audio instructions that follow what you are doing?
Budi setia [26-May-2015]
Great video..thanks
Origamite - origami video instructions [26-May-2015]
@ivan22519 from origami books and internet :)
Origamite - origami video instructions [25-May-2015]
Done! changed :)
Origamite - origami video instructions [25-May-2015]
It is 'air in' you should put the air in the origami figure
Origamite - origami video instructions [24-May-2015]
@ivan22519 i know and i make video later
Glai01 [24-May-2015]
Wow now i have an idea how to do a oregami flower
- ivan - [24-May-2015]
@modelche o cool
Punkroxqpdb [23-May-2015]
Air in?? o.o
Sexyedi [23-May-2015]
Angelica espinosa [23-May-2015]
What's 'air out'?
Somsong krajangsart [22-May-2015]
Bence tth [22-May-2015]
Thank you!
Origamite - origami video instructions [21-May-2015]
Put air in the origami
- ivan - [21-May-2015]
Btw do u kno how to make an origami magic ball? if u do could u plaz make a vid of it? thx
Paraciders [21-May-2015]
What kind of music is this?/ it sounds funny
- ivan - [20-May-2015]
Where did u learn how to make thise stuff there awesome ;3

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