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1 - Simple Origami Rose Qwh
Simple Origami Rose Qwh
Autor: Joost Langeveld
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-06-27

Simple Origami Rose Qwh. This origami rose is pretty easy to fold. Folded and designed by Joost Langeveld. Much more origami on http:/ / www.joostlangeveldorigami.nl/

How to make an Origami Simple Origami Rose Qwh Model was made on 2009-06-27 by Joost Langeveld. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Antiaereo [3-May-2015]
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... mi aspettavo altro.
Ttubelbbub [2-May-2015]
Fuck this as soon as the first fold took place i was lik errrm no
Joost langeveld [2-May-2015]
@dongaedwin9000 i think it's called floral-wire or flower-wire in english and i buy them in a flower-shop.
Joost langeveld [2-May-2015]
@2553musiclover did i already said to you i have printable patterns on my site? you can print patterns on my site (for free), also for the leaf of this rose.
Joost langeveld [2-May-2015]
I can't find it too :(
Misssweetangelz [1-May-2015]
This is simpler than the better looking 1
Mttgangster21 [1-May-2015]
Wow, easier then pie....lol. imma try it.
Kpstar5 [1-May-2015]
Really beautiful ^o^ thnx 4 showing dis to us =] im gonna go show my friends this to brag ;d haha just kidding
Lara of bosnia save our planet from disaster [1-May-2015]
Great origami roses design my friend , i like it , thank you :-))) i wish one bunch of roses for myself too:-))) ~ lara ~
That sam [1-May-2015]
Does it really work??
40aldrick [1-May-2015]
5th comment woot lolzz
10zuelka2 [1-May-2015]
@joostlangeveld i use all pre-colored paper, i never thought of printiing my own! :0 the kind i use is white on one side so i just color that with pencel if i want a realt artsy looking flower. but printing them would save me soo much time! your soo smart!
Silvermoonify [1-May-2015]
Mine became a ball :0 o wait i have just make a snowbal l:)
Ddkim61 [1-May-2015]
O my gosh! i love all you're videos you are my origami idol!!!!
Antiisaacbarbie17 [1-May-2015]
Mine turned out to be a crumpled ball of paper ._.
Joost langeveld [1-May-2015]
I print coloured patterns on copy paper. first i print on one side, then i flip the paper and print on the other side. on my website are printable patterns which you can print yourself.
Anna cash [1-May-2015]
E been watching and doing a lot of your origami...its great...thanks for posting these videos!
Jess ruiz [1-May-2015]
Can you please tell me what was the size of the paper for making the petals???
Kimchitiger1375 [1-May-2015]
-.- i have been looking for a good rose to make...i do not want to be disappointed.
Mirianvargas83 [1-May-2015]
It dosnt look nice at all.. looks like dead roses anyways...
Emily beere [1-May-2015]
How about the size of paper?
Jackie cortez [1-May-2015]
Mine looks like a retarded dinosaur! :dd
325os [1-May-2015]
If you dont know were to get the metal than get a hanger metal hanger
Joost langeveld [1-May-2015]
Do you know the site of barnes and noble? if you type 'joost langeveld origami' in the search-box of this site you'll see my first book. right now i'm working on a second book with my flowers. please let me know if you can't find my book. (i'll send you the adress of the site)

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