Nancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR Weaving


Origami Flower - How to Make the Origami Reed 1

1 - Nancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR Weaving
Nancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR Weaving
Autor: NancyToday
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-02-27

2 - Nancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR WeavingNancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR Weaving. Cathy is making a dish towel on the loom at Mera.

3 - Nancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR WeavingThis How to make an Origami Nancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR Weaving Model was made on 2009-02-27 by NancyToday. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Flower Video Gallery > Reed 1 > Nancy Today: Weaving On The Loom, Pt 1 Dish Towel (weaving 39) ASMR Weaving

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Katharine macleod [17-Sep-2014]
Katharine macleod [16-Sep-2014]
Always leave a mistake in something...it allows your soul to escape!!!! native american women would often purposely put a mistake in something they were making, so there souls wouldn't remain trapped. many blessings to you, your family, those you love and everyone you call friend!?
Sway oner [16-Sep-2014]
This is not asmr?
Skye daniels [16-Sep-2014]
Where can i buy one of those?
Nancytoday [16-Sep-2014]
Thanks, perhaps that's why it is getting so many hits. i love watching a loom working, or working it!
Nancytoday [15-Sep-2014]
Do you have a loom yet?
Musicamidstthetrees [15-Sep-2014]
Wouldn't it be amazing to make all of your clothing yourself?? that's why i want a loom.
Nancytoday [15-Sep-2014]
That's why people only had two outfits, sunday-go-meetin' ones and daily ones!
Nancytoday [14-Sep-2014]
Sounds wonderful!
Nancytoday [14-Sep-2014]
I have no idea. i would, however, describe it as the rattle of wooden petals pushing racks of hanging wires up and down. the wood bangs against fabric as the (i forget what the beater is called) is brought forward to wallop the added yarns closer together.
Pandoraspocks [14-Sep-2014]
I honestly think the imperfections just add to the overall beauty of the finished piece- i wouldn't want things i make to look machine made- i'm fascinated by you working the loom and how amazing the weaving looks- round of applause! well
Foodorfail [14-Sep-2014]
Wah!!! i wanna learn!
Nancytoday [13-Sep-2014]
Lol! you are too funny!
Everycritter [13-Sep-2014]
How would you describe that sound thst the loom makes (with like, an onomatopoeia)? see, i'm writing a story wth a loom in it, and i really need a way to show the sound. :)
Nancytoday [13-Sep-2014]
@pangavamanos wow, you're gona be so happy! peaceful thing to do, weaving!
Terry dover [13-Sep-2014]
I think she was doing good till nancy started talking to her and broke her concentration. i would have choked nancy with it when i was done! lol just kidding! then again, i can envision saying ' it took me 8 hours to get this warp on this thing and you made me mess it up!' lol ok, i'll go back to script writing class!
Poptart777 [12-Sep-2014]
It looks like a nice way to spend time..
Nancytoday [12-Sep-2014]
I too have fms, so i know what you're talking about. i control it with food, generally, though. you're very welcome. you can do searches on my channel, too for the crafts you are interested in, just to see if i have any videos on them.
Nancytoday [12-Sep-2014]
Thankyou! i never thought i'd be able to do it, before i tried!
Deenanemily [11-Sep-2014]
What joy it would be to look at your own fabric and know that you made that towel, or rug, or throw or whatever.
Ani [11-Sep-2014]
This is beautiful to watch! i'll be learning this in college (:
Kay v [11-Sep-2014]
I've been wanting to learn how to use a loom for a long time it looks like fun and i would like to make my own fabric for making my own clothes ^.^
Textilefabric [11-Sep-2014]
Tat's really cool
Nancytoday [10-Sep-2014]
To change the hole that the yarn will go through. by pushing one pair of pedals down, it makes certain threads go uphill. that creates an opening where the new yarn will pass through. after it goes to the other side, if you push different pedals, those first threads lie back down again and the other ones go up in the air. that is what creates the up down up down pathway that the threads make on anything woven. look at your blouce and you'll see what i mean.

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