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1 - Paper Diaper Baby Shower Favors
Paper Diaper Baby Shower Favors
Autor: All Things Pretty aka Mel Hearts1217
Category: People & Blogs
Published: 2011-05-14

Paper Diaper Baby Shower Favors. Here are some favors i made for a friends baby shower last month. I posted some pictures earlier on my blog but had trouble loading it till now. Details on my blog on where to find a tutorial on how to make these your self! Enjoy Check out my blog at madebymelcrafts.blogspot.com

Heres where to find the printable diaper templatehttp:/ / paperpushertutorials.blogspot.com/ 2009/ 03/ diaper-tutorial.html http:/ / scrapfood.blogspot.com/
http:/ / 1.bp.blogspot.com/ _uSFEBm_Oggg/ ScRNXF-WRWI/ AAAAAAAAApQ/ _vD8aHB_N8s/ s1600-h/ Diaper+Template_modifed+by+Kim.jpg

The bags were bought at joanns in the baking section

This How to make an Origami Paper Diaper Baby Shower Favors Model was made on 2011-05-14 by All Things Pretty aka Mel Hearts1217. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Amelia ireton [26-Jan-2015]
Amazing , thank you so much for sharing , it is beautiful x?
Lasandra fulgham [25-Jan-2015]
I love it!?
Viqueen62169 [25-Jan-2015]
What die cut machine are two using? i'm new to this.?
Favourite baby shop [25-Jan-2015]
Nice idea for baby shower gift. should try this one too jewelry for baby : baby baptism pearl bracelet?
Ramirez16 [25-Jan-2015]
Hey i wanted to know if they have those same diapers but in pink version??
Ry daa87 [24-Jan-2015]
Hi! i wanted to know where can i find the pins? any template for those pins? thanks! by the way, the best favors i ever seen!!?
Amanda stevens [24-Jan-2015]
Cute! thanks for sharing :)?
Karen kaufman [24-Jan-2015]
This is great! how many diapers did you use to make that adorable cake? ?
Keianas sweets&treats [23-Jan-2015]
Hi there i just wanted to know where you got your stamp from? the created by one with your name. ?
Bella edwards [23-Jan-2015]
Great idea.... thanx...?
Tracy easley [23-Jan-2015]
Thanks for the great idea... what size diapers did you use for your cake and what brand are they love the green and blue dots on them to cute?
All things pretty aka mel hearts1217 [23-Jan-2015]
@klaritydawn thanks she did love them! lol thanks for commenting
Mikababi1213 [22-Jan-2015]
Omg best i've seen yet how much for it to be hello kitty one simluar
Xxsingerforevax [22-Jan-2015]
You can,get safty pins from walmart
All things pretty aka mel hearts1217 [22-Jan-2015]
@samshomecookeddesign yay! glad to help yes these favors are very inexpensive to make! ~mel
Brenda j. provost [22-Jan-2015]
Most adorable...love it love it!!!!
All things pretty aka mel hearts1217 [21-Jan-2015]
@swtangel9199 hi thanks so much! i added the link? for the free printable template to description of this video. hope this helps ~mel
Teresa b [21-Jan-2015]
U did well!
Tishanggoy [21-Jan-2015]
Hi im trying to email you but i guest some error,but by the way what size of the plastics for brownies u used and where can i buy it?pls email me @ tishanggoy@yahoo.com
Mssbritain [20-Jan-2015]
Hello can you email me whre to get the diaper template im planning a baby shower for my friend and i love the look of them thank you so much
All things pretty aka mel hearts1217 [20-Jan-2015]
Thank u! and thanks for watching~mel
Lollipopop22 [20-Jan-2015]
Thanks u help me :)
All things pretty aka mel hearts1217 [20-Jan-2015]
@samshomecookeddesign oh great! glad to help! ~melissa
1414deniz [19-Jan-2015]
I am looking under the video . can u just send the templets to my email please i cant seem to find them iv never really used the comp

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