How To Make A Straw Star


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1 - How To Make A Straw Star
How To Make A Straw Star
Autor: kai1222
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2007-05-20

2 - How To Make A Straw StarHow To Make A Straw Star. These stars are great as gifts! They can be stored in a glass or see-through jar. Each star represents a little bit of your feelings. Countless stars represent enormous love!

11 stars-Never forget you
18 stars-Happiness always
66 stars-Remembering you
100 stars-Only you
800 stars-Unlimited memories
1000 stars-Love always
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3 - How To Make A Straw StarThis How to make an Origami How To Make A Straw Star Model was made on 2007-05-20 by kai1222. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Jack tatum [25-Oct-2014]
Thanks for using the biggest straw ever. ?
Kai1222 [24-Oct-2014]
Aww thank you!
Juliana rumple [24-Oct-2014]
Weel i thiught it was great...i love folding stuff and im really into origami so i thought this was a pretty gfodd video, even with your fingers on the way..=)thank you
Lilyn low [24-Oct-2014]
Comic connection got sell
Lacvivi1 [24-Oct-2014]
Get it from helloe kitty storree theres some on malls, in san francisco n in oakland chinatown if u live in california but u can get it anyy were that sells paper starrrrr and oragami papersss
Capandepelapa [23-Oct-2014]
Omg!! great
Megamex97 [23-Oct-2014]
Hey i am using the same mouse as you
Kai1222 [23-Oct-2014]
Yeah! glad you enjoy making them! :)
Backpack [22-Oct-2014]
No, it just looks better. :]
Kai1222 [22-Oct-2014]
Yes, you can do that as well. i just make mine a little looser to show more of the layers :)
Precioushopes [22-Oct-2014]
You can try using the bigger straws to do it. since they are easier to do.
Mkaymrxo [22-Oct-2014]
Oo now i get the last part, thanks : ]
Japannxdoll [21-Oct-2014]
Ahh learnt it back in vietnam with straws. (:
Cms11478 [21-Oct-2014]
About how long does the straw have to be?
Kai1222 [21-Oct-2014]
Thanks! you can find them at a local asian stationery/gift shop like morning glory.
Zahara11 [21-Oct-2014]
Uhmm...that looked like a lot of work, but if you want a miniature star and you have good dexterity then go for it!
Suran lee [20-Oct-2014]
Could you please slow down a bit ' explain as u fold ? it seems pretty hard but i really wanna know how ~.~
Rashnathalen [20-Oct-2014]
Hehe cool. i just made one! thanks for showing us =)
Kai1222 [20-Oct-2014]
So sorry..i'll be making a better video next week.
Yingjia88 [19-Oct-2014]
Is anyone from london knows where to get the straws from...?chinatown used to sell them but have stopped..anyone know shops or online...?
Mysaliormoon66 [19-Oct-2014]
@deathwishshrimp piggy bank places or to places where they sell hello kitty's xd go to a plaace like piggy bank place:p
Pokeuploads [19-Oct-2014]
Better master this with paper first...
Jonah286 [19-Oct-2014]
Where do u get long straws like that pleas respond
Bea chung [18-Oct-2014]
Ohhh i make these stars too but i can't find any of those straws where i'm from so i use curling ribbon instead lol

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Recycle : How to make drinking straw flowers

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