Origami - Gerbera


Origami Flower - How to Make the Origami Gerbera 1

1 - Origami - Gerbera
Origami - Gerbera
Autor: Senbazuru Origami
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-11-11

2 - Origami - GerberaOrigami - Gerbera. Encore une magnifique fleur de Makoto Yamaguchi : le gerbera. Ce sont ces grandes fleurs de la même famille que les marguerites, qui ont des couleurs allant du jaune au rouge en passant par le rose fuchsia. Ce n'est pas un origami aisé, alors armez-vous de patience pour le réaliser ! Il vous faudra un grand carré (15 cm de côté au moins) de papier, pas trop fin. Pour un rendu vraiment joli, il faudra prendre le temps de bien mettre en forme chacune des pétales à la fin du pliage. Il y a une ouverture à l'arrière de la fleur, ce qui permet d'y glisser facilement une longue tige droite (comme par exemple la même que dans la vidéo du lys)

3 - Origami - GerberaThis How to make an Origami Origami - Gerbera Model was made on 2012-11-11 by Senbazuru Origami. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Saelpalani [24-Apr-2014]
Great tutorial. i find that regular stock origami paper isn't thick enough. you need to use firm paper but not cardstock. my paper gets moisture in it b/c i live in a rainy part of the world. it gets hard to fold models like this b/c of it.?
Amarionna edwards [23-Apr-2014]
This is hard he should have been talking?
Piyumi maheshika [23-Apr-2014]
Thanks i made it in my first attempt..!?
Miroslava mitkova [23-Apr-2014]
I make it its very nice?
Alaina liu [23-Apr-2014]
Nguyen nhuboi [22-Apr-2014]
So ciu?
Yeonmee oh [22-Apr-2014]
I managed to do it but the folds at the end come off so the flower loses its shape.... (it happens when you pull a bit on the corners to widen the center of the flower or when you make the petals... everything else goes fine but i cannot seem to give a good, stable shape to the origami. how come ??
Cinvy tram [22-Apr-2014]
Thank you sooooooo much. i love origami and i really want to learn how to do it and this really helped?
Mees nabbe [21-Apr-2014]
Jek'nieresp lop lop lop iachb murf 'bchinge chbrenstj etskew' lol?
Ganesh karthik [21-Apr-2014]
Very clear vid man?
Natalia payne [21-Apr-2014]
D3at4r0ut3 [21-Apr-2014]
Thanks was looking for a model that i dont have to cut?
Jun kang [20-Apr-2014]
You go too fast. i can not make one. can you go alittle bit slower at least??
Anna meunier [20-Apr-2014]
Love ?
Trc duyn hu?nh [20-Apr-2014]
A little bit complicated but i made it :))) thank you a lot
Veru ivy [20-Apr-2014]
Thank you!!!!! its awesome!!! :)?
Ice dani [19-Apr-2014]
Don't use regular printing paper, you need a thicker one and get the folds correctly or it will not look good in the end. thanks for the tutorial!?
Valeria barra [19-Apr-2014]
So hard! it's impossible?
Mohd hisyammuddin [19-Apr-2014]
Good and great tutorial.i was complete gerbera?
Ganesh karthik [18-Apr-2014]
Jose anker take your time on doing this?
Elizabethmaiac [18-Apr-2014]
C'est un travail merveilleux! je suis trs heureux! je vous remercie!
Fithotracher [18-Apr-2014]
Tengo una duda... esas hojas como se llaman?? solo encuentro blancas o de colores pero asi de dos colores no se como se llaman :(
Sarah nguyen [18-Apr-2014]
C trop mais je coincee :'( :'( :'( :( :( :c ?
Luisa caroline [17-Apr-2014]
Muito bonita a sua flor margarida!

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