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1 - Incase Ipad Apple Wireless Keyboard Case dYQ
Incase Ipad Apple Wireless Keyboard Case dYQ
Autor: StuffYouShouldBuy
Category: Science & Technology
Published: 2011-08-07

Incase Ipad Apple Wireless Keyboard Case dYQ. http:/ / stuff-you-should-buy.blogspot.com

This is a first hands look at the Incase keyboard cover for the Apple wireless keyboard and ipad. It allows you to transform your ipad into a semi laptop!
This cover protects your Apple wireless keyboard and also folds out into a very stable A-frame holder for your ipad, allowing you to used your ipad vertically or horizontally! This is so stable, it can be used on your lap! This has to be the best alternative to the ipad keyboard case dilemma! Especially if you have large fingers!

Watch how I unbox this beauty and hook it up to my wireless keyboard, also see my spec comparison and discover if its lighter than a Macbook air and Sony Viao! Plus much much more!

http:/ / stuff-you-should-buy.blogspot.com

How to make an Origami Incase Ipad Apple Wireless Keyboard Case dYQ Model was made on 2011-08-07 by StuffYouShouldBuy. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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The epic diamond [21-Apr-2015]
Does it work on the ipad mini ?
Thetimelads [20-Apr-2015]
I used this case and the velcro stopped sticking?
Warface-one-lang aim-warface [20-Apr-2015]
?? ?????????? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ?????!!! ? ??? ????? ?? ???? ??????? !! ! azazazhaha!:-)?
Touchfire keyboard review [20-Apr-2015]
Cool good review?
Mc wendell [20-Apr-2015]
Darkshirase [19-Apr-2015]
Does it work for the ipad mini??
Sonneybouy [19-Apr-2015]
I take that as a cue to move half way into the video
Stuffyoushouldbuy [19-Apr-2015]
Hello, unfortunately no :( the ipad has no gui mouse functionality. sorry, all the best, be blessed, harry.
Stuffyoushouldbuy [18-Apr-2015]
@tiznado22 hello, yes i use a protector film which i purchased together with the ipad, i can't remember the name, most are pretty good, the invisible shield is a good one! i also use an apple smart cover, you can watch a video i made showing how good it is over a period of time. just copy and paste this link at the end of the youtube address to watch: /watch?v=pyyiiw3a57c all the best, harry.
Ahmed aliyev [18-Apr-2015]
Redstripedtiger98 [18-Apr-2015]
Install splash top then u have ur self another cpu/mac in the house
Lhong raymundo [18-Apr-2015]
Just an advice......make sure before u buy a gadget u will enjoy using it for the rest of your time, and it's not wasted because u got bored having it like i am today sadly :( my sister had da bad choice buying this playbook coz i don't enjoy play fb games and for me that's more important that a gadget is efficient on anything that u r interested too right to make it so worth buying for :)
Chuchu3o [17-Apr-2015]
@remektek2 i got a 15' macbook pro :dd i love it! (was thinking about the air but no disk drive :/ and i needed it for school 9th grade
Stuffyoushouldbuy [17-Apr-2015]
Its part of the royalty free movie editing software that comes with apple computers, imovie. sorry i don't know specifically what the music is called. all the best, harry.
Stuffyoushouldbuy [17-Apr-2015]
Hi, unfortunately a keyboard does not come with the origami case. all the best, harry.
Betuuuuu [17-Apr-2015]
Thanks for reply, i asked because i could buy jut one keyboard, but whatever...thanks!
Senyahel [16-Apr-2015]
Looks like you wasted $35.00 and i can't let you waste my time lol
Yabsera gebrekidan [16-Apr-2015]
Buddy your video was great don't listen to him bet he can't make a better video
Ralph [16-Apr-2015]
Thank you for posting
Betuuuuu [15-Apr-2015]
Vey useful! it is possible use the keyboard dock on your pc??
Simon cook [15-Apr-2015]
Some cheating with keyboard in gta 3!!!
Harry goldstein [15-Apr-2015]
Your name is harry?
Neftali sanchez [15-Apr-2015]
Are you british because you sound gay
Stuffyoushouldbuy [14-Apr-2015]
@bogdanvut not with my large hands and fingers :) thx for commenting, harry

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