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1 - Light Of Mind - Swirl Lampshade
Light Of Mind - Swirl Lampshade
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2010-03-17

Light Of Mind - Swirl Lampshade. Instrukcja składania lampy Swirl - Light of Mind
Manual of Swirl lampshade - Light of Mind

This How to make an Origami Light Of Mind - Swirl Lampshade Model was made on 2010-03-17 by LIGHT0FMIND. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Musickeeda [28-Feb-2015]
Please attach or send template for its design. it is an easy n awesome lantern love to prepare this diwali n new year for my home.?
Astrarave420 [27-Feb-2015]
This is the 5th product i have purchased that claims to come with entrancing lounge music, this one took me nearly 4 hours to assemble, and after turning it on there is still no music! is anyone else having similar issues with these products????
Hector rivas [27-Feb-2015]
Que bello diseno?
Hunain maljee [27-Feb-2015]
Can you please attach the template for the design?
Edgardo montilla [26-Feb-2015]
Donde puedo conseguir las plantillas? gracias?
Marcia sueli carapia carapia [26-Feb-2015]
Gostaria de saber onde comprar uma luminaria desta ou os moldes.por favor espero uma resposta urgente.?
Lisa berg [26-Feb-2015]
Where can i get this kind of plastic? what is it called in usa? thanks!
Qyrone [26-Feb-2015]
Where do i find those sheets?
Kenneth3022 [25-Feb-2015]
What type of plastic sheet is it made of --won't bulb melt it--
Caro flores [25-Feb-2015]
Son bellas las lamparas me gustaria saber a donde puedo encontrar los patrones o si me los puede mandar gracias
Light0fmind [25-Feb-2015]
Thank you :) it is a special plastic (pet). you may use low energy bulb, it won't melt.
Althat74 [24-Feb-2015]
Brilliant! i love your work
Carij07 [24-Feb-2015]
@kenneth3022 you can use polycarbonate
Emilse daniela [24-Feb-2015]
De que material estan hechas y donde se consiguen los patroles
? viiiblaque? [23-Feb-2015]
Coolest lantern style lamp ' shade ever!
Rdzester [23-Feb-2015]
Where do you get that kind of material??
Iadinix [23-Feb-2015]
Donde encuentro las plantilla?
Mistakenteardrop [23-Feb-2015]
Hi whats the material :)

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