Origami Transformer Ball


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1 - Origami Transformer Ball
Origami Transformer Ball
Autor: sinnersgrin
Category: Education
Published: 2010-06-14

2 - Origami Transformer BallOrigami Transformer Ball. PAPER!! I used colored printer paper, Cut 4 squares per page. So the size for a big ball like this is around 4 by 4 inches.
Origami / KIRIGAMI... -EXTRA HELP HERE- for those who need it: http:/ / www.instructables.com/ id/ Color-origami-ball/ step4/ Glueing/

3 - Origami Transformer BallThis How to make an Origami Origami Transformer Ball Model was made on 2010-06-14 by sinnersgrin. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Anairis faa garcia [25-Apr-2014]
That's nice and everything but u doing it to fast?
Dgrif12 [24-Apr-2014]
It falls apart every time i'm stuck!?
Dragonling666 [24-Apr-2014]
Origami does not us glue?
Dragonling666 [24-Apr-2014]
Jinal nana [24-Apr-2014]
I'm probably gonna try this?
Leo warrior [23-Apr-2014]
I think we have the same hot glue gun :)
Miles jordan [23-Apr-2014]
It isnt origami if you hot glue it
Duraman cp [23-Apr-2014]
Just like venus flytraps
Zoomother7 [22-Apr-2014]
@sinnersgrin or you could just use sticky notes but of course it would be harder
Christian cook [22-Apr-2014]
When i saw the number 90 i changed the video 0:16 - 0:24
Mrmoshi100 [22-Apr-2014]
@sinnersgrin you dont even know what origami is! origami is paper folding. no glue. no tape. just paper.
Manual dos origames [22-Apr-2014]
Idon'tknowwhattocallthischannel [21-Apr-2014]
It's a shrimp!
Nicpocky [21-Apr-2014]
Actually, if you go to japan they really only refer to things like paper cut out chains or cut out flowers etc. as kirigami. they would still consider this origami even if it is glued.
Ourworldloversforev [21-Apr-2014]
When i made half, i had to use six inner star rings but i dont understand why please help me
Tushar bhagat [21-Apr-2014]
Thumbs up if your too lazy to do this.
Beispielorigami [20-Apr-2014]
Hallo, das ist echt toll, es faziniert schon beim hinsehen, danke dafr. ich mag das gebastelte von dir. mach weiter so!!! dufte gre aus deutschland
Sinnersgrin [20-Apr-2014]
@milarox1999 its made from colored printer paper cut down.
Lina lain [20-Apr-2014]
Esta genial!! lastima que hay q usar muchos papeles
Imastar4567 [19-Apr-2014]
Hey man the glue guns best sinces fastest an strong
Vinnessa atterberry [19-Apr-2014]
Gosh u can make a smaller one but u have to have 90 sheets still
Treehuggerconstantly [19-Apr-2014]
Isnt kirigami folding and cutting the paper
Patrick housten [19-Apr-2014]
I dont remember glue bing in origami
Akazachattack2 [18-Apr-2014]
Im using an android tablet and this stuffs blurry as a foggy day

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