Origami Flexiball (Jorge Pardo)


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1 - Origami Flexiball (Jorge Pardo)
Origami Flexiball (Jorge Pardo)
Autor: Jo Nakashima
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-07-22

2 - Origami Flexiball (Jorge Pardo)Origami Flexiball (Jorge Pardo). How to make the Flexiball, designed by Jorge Pardo
Presented here by Jo Nakashima with permission of the creator

Difficulty level: low intermediate

This model requires 60 (!!!) units. Fold it with your friends (all of them)!
Each module is easy to make but you'll need a lot of patience to build so many and also to assembly it. When finished, it is very stable.

Author's channel:
http:/ / www.youtube.com/ flexiball

http:/ / www.gruzapa.org/ downloads/ Flexiball.pdf

My facebook page:
http:/ / www.facebook.com/ JoOrigami

Cold Funk
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
http:/ / creativecommons.org/ licenses/ by/ 3.0/

3 - Origami Flexiball (Jorge Pardo)This How to make an Origami Origami Flexiball (Jorge Pardo) Model was made on 2011-07-22 by Jo Nakashima. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Eddy creato [17-Apr-2014]
Do you have any easy things??
Somerandomshyguy [16-Apr-2014]
Imagine someone doing it with original origami paper.wow thats huge xd?
Adam smart [16-Apr-2014]
That thing its collabsable not stable bdum-ch lol?
Angel storm [16-Apr-2014]
Thats dope !!?
Mack transit [16-Apr-2014]
It seems simple enough, just don't know if its worth it to take the time, effort and paper to build it? ?
Bailey kastner [15-Apr-2014]
Do you get a lot of paper cuts doing this??
Olivia skelly [15-Apr-2014]
a lot of paper! ?
Gp'sandeverythingelse [15-Apr-2014]
This is so much easier to make than the magic ball?
Jessie yang [14-Apr-2014]
Could u just make one and send it to me?!?
??????? [14-Apr-2014]
Cooooooool. and fun. :))))):)):)):-)))))))))))))))))))))))))) ?
Andrea ortiz [14-Apr-2014]
Thats awesome girl can you do piggy bank please thanks alot for sharing oragami ?
George nikitas [14-Apr-2014]
I spend 15 hour but i made it, nice work ,good video?
Delfin dolfin [13-Apr-2014]
Wow very hard ?
Alton chang [13-Apr-2014]
Never mind!?
Grant pennett [13-Apr-2014]
So i need 15 sheets of 15x15cm. that works!?
Dea putri [13-Apr-2014]
Kenneth xiao [12-Apr-2014]
It's almost like the magic ball(the one i failed so badly on)?
Florin gherman [12-Apr-2014]
Very very hard?
Helen dickson [12-Apr-2014]
60 sheets why would any one have that amount?
Pengyee zz [11-Apr-2014]
Amirul shamreen [11-Apr-2014]
Edi wolf [11-Apr-2014]
Hard solve a these model?
Thulasidas pv [11-Apr-2014]
Oscar ortiz [10-Apr-2014]
I have the twelve pieces but i don't know how to connect them!?!?!?!????!?!?! so hard!!!!!!?

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