Paper Rose 1 Photos | Rose | 047


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Paper Rose 1 Photos | Rose | 047

Paper Rose 1 Photos | Rose | 047

Folded in 2006. Designed by Robert Lang, crease pattern available here, A Miura-ken Beauty Rose, opus 482. 10'' square Japanese foil. This is my second try.

This photo was taken on 2007-11-26 by Shuki Kato in Kalispell, USA.

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Flower Photo Gallery > Rose 1 > Paper Rose 1 Photos | Rose | 047

Paper Rose 1 Photos | Rose | 047

Bkwebb [17-Apr-2014]
The best folding of this model i have seen, that was not done by robert.
Shuki.kato [14-Apr-2014]
Wow, thanks!

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Paper Rose 1 Photos | Rose | 047

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