3D Origami: Egg


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1 - 3D Origami: Egg
3D Origami: Egg
Autor: jewellia7777
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-12-18

3D Origami: Egg. I know eggs are white, but the person I made them for wanted them yellow^^

Building time: 5-8 mins. Timelapse vid here:
http:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=l0dmFKawY5U

This How to make an Origami 3D Origami: Egg Model was made on 2011-12-18 by jewellia7777. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Tahira kale [27-Nov-2014]
She must have some magical paper?
Jimmy ton [26-Nov-2014]
Can u go slower on your videos??
Anna [26-Nov-2014]
How did u make the pieces
Ambika nuggihalli [26-Nov-2014]
@mattthetank34 dont give up what problem do you have maybe you can ask and julia can solve?? or maybe one of us aprentices if we are worthy enough...
Christine armas [26-Nov-2014]
@cutiepiemaggie thx that also helped. when i read your comment i was like, 'dave i wanna go to walmart! get the car ready.' lol
Poop pee [25-Nov-2014]
2nd comment
Rosey m [25-Nov-2014]
I'm making them for presents for easter for my family and i'm going to add patterns somehow in them!
Nathan le [25-Nov-2014]
Mines red,green,yellow, and orange! ftwww
Mattthetank34 [24-Nov-2014]
I cant make anything not even the egg....... im probably just gonna give up....... :(
Imchelsea12 [24-Nov-2014]
How many pieces do u need to make 1???
Imchelsea12 [24-Nov-2014]
Hi u no how many pieces it takes?
Nataliechan72 [24-Nov-2014]
Yea in the middle of making it put something inside lol
Johnny xiong [23-Nov-2014]
How long does this take
Sheena t [23-Nov-2014]
What size paper do you use?
Monkeydog52 [23-Nov-2014]
Doesnt quite look like an egg... more like a pinecone, maybe if brown then yeah, pinecone!
Gavichinnoman89 [23-Nov-2014]
Jewelia, plz make a video on a mini pineapple or a small egg with designs on it plz.!
Yousefrock123 [22-Nov-2014]
I am chineese too
Jewellia7777 [22-Nov-2014]
I know, its the nail which got damaged so i had to wait to grow it out
140catgirl [22-Nov-2014]
Nice tutorial. :)
Mrbutcher97 [21-Nov-2014]
Will this work with copier paper?
Rapture gaming [21-Nov-2014]
It's like a broken record ' skip space... insert middle...skip space insert middle' but it's cool no offense
Ambika nuggihalli [21-Nov-2014]
@kaspiiritus so true
Tuhin das [21-Nov-2014]
Ccx2themax12 [20-Nov-2014]
Can you make a christmas tree?!?!?!??!!?

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