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1 - Origami $Flower (Stephen Hecht)
Origami $Flower (Stephen Hecht)
Autor: Jo Nakashima
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-02-26

Origami $Flower (Stephen Hecht). How to make an origami flower designed by Stephen Hecht
Presented here by Jo Nakashima with permission of the creator

Difficulty level: intermediate

You can use money (a dollar bill, brazillian real bill or others) or any similar rectangle
I'm not using real money. You can get images from wikipedia (this one is here:
http:/ / pt.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ C%C3%A9dula_de_cinquenta_reais )

Diagram and more models by Stephen Hecht:
http:/ / users.datarealm.com/ hecht/ origami/ diags.htm

http:/ / www.facebook.com/ JoOrigami

This How to make an Origami Origami $Flower (Stephen Hecht) Model was made on 2011-02-26 by Jo Nakashima. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Joaqun joaqun ramos [26-Jan-2015]
Me ha salido. qu alegra.?
Eugena chan [25-Jan-2015]
That's taking a long time ?
Zordback [25-Jan-2015]
Mother: joshua weres my 50 dollars me: here, i made it prettier :d mother: *shakes in rage*
Xxaznwayxx [25-Jan-2015]
Hey around 3:20 is goes a bit too fast, and i can't really see what your doing there. im using a us dollar and its hard to do what ever that part is lol. help?
Jo nakashima [25-Jan-2015]
Yes, it works too
Caynan crenshaw [24-Jan-2015]
What is the size your using
102gab [24-Jan-2015]
Whats the size of the paper??? im from america!
Pukiepyn [24-Jan-2015]
I've got euro's (i'm dutch) sow how big most be are the normal paper?
Xnanogaming [23-Jan-2015]
Tee-hee-hee origami madman i am
Keyur shah [23-Jan-2015]
Love both the flower and vase...
Fongching kee [23-Jan-2015]
Planting a real flower will be much easier? :s
Lucc7050 [23-Jan-2015]
@jonakashima j, nota falsa n? porque no paree qual a verdadeira e tambm no pode dobrar dinheiro (lei idiota porque acho que se o dinheiro seu voc oque voc quiser com ele, mas fazer oque a justa :s )
Julian robert [22-Jan-2015]
Parece nota brasileira
Jodocus kwakkel [22-Jan-2015]
10 euro posible 20 euro not posible. 5 euro dont even wonne try :d nice model thx for tutorial
Pumatechnics [22-Jan-2015]
Ok thanks! :)
Beyond alexx [22-Jan-2015]
Hard !!!
Jo nakashima [21-Jan-2015]
@leaderdblusbro us dollar also works, other rectangles also works (this model doesn't requires an exact proportion) mine is 14cm x 6.5cm
Spicysushi1 [21-Jan-2015]
The biggest you can make is with print paper right??
Blackninja5637 [21-Jan-2015]
Can u just use a regular 8.5 times 11 paper?
Megaabsolut100 [20-Jan-2015]
2 people do origami with soda cans
Tenshi92 [20-Jan-2015]
@jonakashima can i use an american dollar bill
Idcemail123 [20-Jan-2015]
K im about to rip my dollar into pieces faggot slowdown
Mariana cunha [20-Jan-2015]
Amo os seus vdeos, parabns!!!
Jason ramos [19-Jan-2015]
@thesya10 pde kaso mhaba

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