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1 - How To Make A Cruise Ship Towel Origami / Towel Fol pE4
How To Make A Cruise Ship Towel Origami / Towel Fol pE4
Autor: FoldingMagic
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2011-03-23

How To Make A Cruise Ship Towel Origami / Towel Fol pE4. http:/ / www.foldingmagic.com . How to make a towel animal elephant. Cruise Ship Towel Folding / Towel Origami. Towel origami and towel folding instructions. Free lesson on how to make a towel animal / cruise ship towel origami. Directions on how to make an origami elephant with towels.


And were gonna check in with Emily one last time and she's learning how to make some art out of towels. That's right some people use a paint brush a pen at paper how about towels? That's what John Pullum uses and a I got a little pet elephant for us here in the studio. John you are going to teach us how you create it. I'm going to do my best to teach you, after that rose that you made I will, I will work very, very hard. Were gonna move the elephant right over there. So we need about all of our 3 minutes to do this, but while your doing it, if you can, tell us a little bit about what inspired you to make all these animals out of towels? Well being an entertainer for the living, for the last 20 years, since I a had a full head of hair, I ah was on a cruise ship and in different hotels that will do the towel art. I wanted to learn it, wanted to show my family how to do it. My kids just to make them smile and finding there weren't any DVD's on it, I started learning on my own. And then I thought everybody likes it so much, I'm going to um to make my own DVD's. With the elephant as I'm talking you right through here, all you have to do is get a bath towel and fold it right trough center just like that and it does't have to be perfect it's not like paper origami were it has to be precise. Just roll it up once you fold it into center take the side and roll it in a not super tight tube but a fairly tight tube to the end. And I'm gonna show you what to do with that hand towel in 1 second. Same thing over here roll it to the center so basically have it folded to the center. Roll each side up to the center. I go over it in great detail on the DVD's, but here, I don't have a lot of time. I have people following at home that might start to lose us. Yes and you have it just like that. This is gonna be a standing elephant. That's an sitting elephant over there. And put that over to the side. And here is were you can try to make the elephant head along with me.

Have it length wise if you can. Put your finger right in the center and hold on and you kind of roll it of a angle. Now this is a little tricky takes some practice. Mine is already looking a little sloppy. Is this all trial error to make these animals? Trial and error. It's not like you are going to break anything. So it's it's, take your time and I can make this in my sleep. Sometimes I wake up and there's a whole jungle sitting around my bedroom. Like where did that come from? Is your bathroom always decked out with these? I need a bigger bathroom for all the animals. So then all you have to do after you roll it into that tube that's the, that side there ok. So you're doing alright for first timer. Put your hand in that fold, pull it down let that. Try to push it around so you basically have the forehead of the elephant. And then all you have to do is roll up the trunk. Give it a little squeeze and you have the trunk just like so. You make the ears flap them down. You can put it on that way so that way you have a skinny elephant. Oh how cute! You can have a fat elephant or you can have a sitting elephant like that one right there. Just add the googly eyes and whatever else you want. That's perfect. You did a great job, Emily. Very good. And if you do it with grey, look how cute it is! Add the eyes. It's an elephant, make a noise, You have look of extra trunk space like. Mike? (elephant noise from off camera). WOW! Mike makes all the animal noises. You need him on your DVDs, too. And he din't do it with his mouth witch was the most amazing thing ok. If you go to our website Fox17 online.com we have the link if you wanna learn yourself. It's the towel folding magic by John Pullum and if you put in as a code fox17, Fox17 all 1 word Fox17 the number 17,fox F-O-X they'll save a couple of dollars on their order. For the next 48 hours only. Let's put that information in the screen. There it is Fox17 online.com It's the towel origami, but a lot easier then using paper, it sure is. Alright Mike, Sarah heading back to you. Yeah John I can confirm that it didn't come from his mouth. I was going to say, you had to tell everybody what I was doing over here. That's awesome. Very good stuff. I happens. Yes. I appreciate him being here.

How to make an Origami How To Make A Cruise Ship Towel Origami / Towel Fol pE4 Model was made on 2011-03-23 by FoldingMagic. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Foldingmagic [26-May-2015]
@hellomotivatorman i'm glad it made you laugh. :)
Storm warning [25-May-2015]
This guy is funny.
Emmanuel lopez [23-May-2015]
Ha ha! john you made me laugh with your making elephants in your sleep comment! very cool presentation!
Foldingmagic [22-May-2015]
Natasha, i'm glad you liked it. i try to make all my towel origami instructional videos easy to follow. the crew at fox17 were a lot of fun to work with.
Draineme [21-May-2015]
Nice one !! lol

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