Tutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box --Cajita Papá Noel


Origami Christmas - How to Make the Origami Santa Claus 1

1 - Tutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box  --Cajita Papá Noel
Tutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box --Cajita Papá Noel
Autor: Leyla Torres
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-11-23

2 - Tutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box  --Cajita Papá NoelTutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box --Cajita Papá Noel. Origami tutorial for an easy-to-make Santa Claus Gift Box. SUTÍTULOS EN ESPAÑOL. This origami Santa Claus and Elf gift boxes are a charming present for family and friends.
• Leyla Torres Origami Spirit Video tutorial series. http:/ / www.origamispirit.com
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Origami tutorial y video instructivo sobre cómo doblar un lindo, fácil de hacer el regalo de Navidad. Este origami Santa Claus y Elf cajas de regalo son un bonito regalo para los amigos y la familia.

• Leyla Torres Origami Spirit serie de tutoriales de vídeo. http:/ / www.origamispirit.com/ es/
• Para más ideas visita la entrada del blog en Origami Spirit: http:/ / www.origamispirit.com/ ?p=9959

3 - Tutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box  --Cajita Papá NoelThis How to make an Origami Tutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box --Cajita Papá Noel Model was made on 2012-11-23 by Leyla Torres. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Christmas Video Gallery > Santa Claus 1 > Tutorial: Origami Santa Gift Box --Cajita Papá Noel

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June ayerza [22-Aug-2014]
Your instruction are the best i have ever seen; thank you for making these videos. i am going to try and make these out of stiff fabric and see what happens.?
Davidwires [22-Aug-2014]
Coins, candy or commitment ring wonderful and cute!
Leyla torres [21-Aug-2014]
@davidwires wow, i like your idea for filling the santa boxes: 'coins, candy or commitment? ring'
Leyla torres [21-Aug-2014]
@ maja, i'm happy you like this video of the santa gift box. visit my play list 'origami boxes and containers' for 17 other videos for fun containers. thank you for subscribing to my origami yt channel!
Ronaldinho gaucha [20-Aug-2014]
Awesome! these boxes may come in handy.=d
Jose colon [19-Aug-2014]
Esto es muy bueno
Maite u [19-Aug-2014]
Que bonito y muy bien explicado, te felicito
Maja grzincic [18-Aug-2014]
Adorable! you're a great creator and teacher. and very generous for sharing your work. thank you. i've just subscribed.
John o tron [18-Aug-2014]
Happy holidays! :)
Gaby san martin [17-Aug-2014]
Tengo una duda. ella esta hablando ingles o eta chamullando. porque en realidad es como mis compaeros hablan ingles. chamulladoooo.?
127lessly [17-Aug-2014]
Vete ala @)(3?

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