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Origami Christmas - How to Make the Origami Sad 1

1 - 3D Origami Eeyore mvY
3D Origami Eeyore mvY
Autor: jewellia7777
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-01-28

3D Origami Eeyore mvY. GO TO PART 2:
http:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=dguZLWf6NsE

How to make an Origami 3D Origami Eeyore mvY Model was made on 2011-01-28 by jewellia7777. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Jewellia7777 [22-May-2015]
@lazerboy10001 thanks^_^
Micaht967 [21-May-2015]
How do you make your peices so fast?
Jewellia7777 [21-May-2015]
@grandemo2 i'm not sure what you have to do for it to get popular. i dont sell much models, it just has to be good looking with good colour combos and a good price for the person who wants it, and it just depends if the people that like it will find it
Jewellia7777 [21-May-2015]
@xkirasaki thanks! thats alright^^ better than saying 'first' or what number viewer you are on the vid like a lot of other people that have started to do lol
Minhaz mahmud [21-May-2015]
@jewellia7777 wonderful! you don't have a banner so i assumed you weren't. make a banner! :) or ask your subscribers to make you one, i'm sure everyone would be more than willing!
Jewellia7777 [20-May-2015]
@3dorigamiloverz yeah sure, got a link to it?
Jewellia7777 [20-May-2015]
@jasjasjboy the nose is just the 2 dots for nostrils right? i didnt do it, i referred to a pic of a baby eeyore, a more simplified pic (since the baby eeyore, pooh bear tigger etc... all have black dot eyes similar to my bead eyes so i made them like that rather than having to draw eyes and cut ' glue) and it didnt have nostrils. seems like the baby pic did have ears, i'll have to add ears to it..
44carva [20-May-2015]
Look, i enjoy doing your models, but there is one that i want and you have no tutorial: doraemon. if you have time to do a tutorial of it do it, please, i've tried in every page to find doraemon model but they are so ugly!! i love all your videos thanks for being a genius at origami, you rock!!!
Jewellia7777 [19-May-2015]
@oakridgemiddlegirl did you watch the vid? it says at 0.14
Jewellia7777 [19-May-2015]
@oakridgemiddlegirl what are you gonna make? small ones like this could be $4 or $5, bigger ones but still small could be $6, medium like a peacock couls be $8-$10, and bigger ones could be $15-30. its your choice. you cant really make much profit from these, like it wont be worth the time you took to make it, but if you set it as a 'reasonable' price depending on the time/effort taken to make it, no-one would wanna buy it for that price. its up to you, set it as whatever you want^_^
Lululovable11 [19-May-2015]
Wat kind of paper do u use and were do u get them
Minhaz mahmud [19-May-2015]
Have you requested to become a youtube partner? your content is great! i think they would approve your request, you could start making some money off of these wonderful tutorials you give. i know it's easier said than done, but you need a new camera! :)
Mobradovic00 [18-May-2015]
Eeyore,pooh,santa,snowman,cow,duck... what wont you make?? ^_^
Maria flora [18-May-2015]
Hello my friend know how to do it but he sail it for 2:50 dollars and i ask him to show me how to do it but he said that i need to pay him 30 dollors for he can show me
Katie limo [18-May-2015]
First one or view
Mangaluver4evxoxo [18-May-2015]
29th viewer and i love eyore or howeva u spell it lol
Jex tan [17-May-2015]
Wow! but...wheres his nose?
Sharmaine eniamrahs [17-May-2015]
@gailuciux do u mind uploading a tutorial on youtube and sendin the url to me?
Jewellia7777 [17-May-2015]
@shaiisicatv not really lol, this is only one of the smaller models. i think its around 300 pieces, and if so, then thats only 10 pages of paper
Jewellia7777 [16-May-2015]
@tony86482 yeah i'm already a partner, became one last year in october, it was easy, i got approved in a week and all my new tutorials have ads on them
Samuel koh [16-May-2015]
Hi jewellia, im a great fan of u. i had just finished ur models of winnie the pooh, pigglet and eeyore. for eeyore, i made the ear like in the cartoon,would u like to see?
Grandemo2 [16-May-2015]
Hello jewellia7777, i'm thinking on open an origami's ebay shop like yours in summer but mine only in spain (for the moment xd) i'm your fan!, can you send me an e-mail to miguir96@hotmail.com saying what i must do for get popular or get people that buy? it will be cool if u can. thanks for your time! :d
Grandemo2 [16-May-2015]
@jewellia7777 ok thanks! i will tell u what happens whit my shop ok? oh and i'm sure that i will ask you for more information. thanks for all! :d
Xkirasaki [15-May-2015]
Amazing jewellia! well keep the good work again =) ( sorry i don't know anything else to say =.=')

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