Demonstrate The Pythagorean Theorem By Folding A Circle


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1 - Demonstrate The Pythagorean Theorem By Folding A Circle
Demonstrate The Pythagorean Theorem By Folding A Circle
Autor: wholemovement
Category: Education
Published: 2011-09-23

2 - Demonstrate The Pythagorean Theorem By Folding A CircleDemonstrate The Pythagorean Theorem By Folding A Circle. From http:/ / www.wholemovement.com the Pythagorean Theorem revealed in the proportional relationships of right triangles within two folds of the circle (using a paper plate). A low-cost hands-on classroom activity for teaching math and geometry.

3 - Demonstrate The Pythagorean Theorem By Folding A CircleThis How to make an Origami Demonstrate The Pythagorean Theorem By Folding A Circle Model was made on 2011-09-23 by wholemovement. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Animimm [10-Jul-2014]
Alzheimer's effect?
Kshitij shekhar [10-Jul-2014]
Nice video?
Mario g. cardiel [9-Jul-2014]
I guess this is a joke...?
Lauren case [9-Jul-2014]
Thankyou! this helped :)?
Sindhu [8-Jul-2014]
I like dis n its v.tough?
Teacher emily [8-Jul-2014]
My 8th graders are having difficulty understanding pt. i was hoping a hands on activity would help them. i think as a linear thinker mathematician, you have made assumptions about base knowledge and skipped steps/explanations that are clear to you. i'm a global thinker and i don't see a whole picture here, therefore don't understand. i doubt my students will either. too bad.?
Ciokas [7-Jul-2014]
The idea of using circles, folding them and looking for patterns is very nice and very thought provoking actually, but the maths you do with the circles is wrong. you could use such methods to prove that a^3 + b^3 = c^3 given 3 right triangles, which we know is not right, hence your methods are not correct.?
Janell evans [7-Jul-2014]
Your thinking process is difficult to follow. i understand that in the first part of the explanation you are showing how area 1 and area 2 combine to make area 3, which demonstrates what you are going to do with the pythagorean theorem. but when you begin your explanation of the pythagorean theorem, i do not understand how the areas relate to a^2 + b^2 = c^2 equation. also, when does c = square root of 2 come from? this is very unique and i'd really like to understand your explanation!
Sukant mallik [6-Jul-2014]
thanks but your marker disturbs you
Wholemovement [6-Jul-2014]
Touching any 2 points on circumference is a right angle function forming a kite, rhomboid as shown, 4 rts. fold opposite points to get a square, 8 rts, 2 diagonals, 1 diameter is square root of 2. one diameter root of circle. fold 3 diameters a hexagon, 7 points show 36 30-60-90 triangles 3 interrelated sizes in hexagon star. the circle is context; right angle fundamental to all circle does 2-d '3-d. we are confined to 2-d circles to explain formal relationships when circle shows much more.
Jerry lou [5-Jul-2014]
Hate to say, but you are wrong!
Dyme maclaine [5-Jul-2014]
Hate the marker sounds
Janell evans [4-Jul-2014]
Would you elaborate? thanks!

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