How To Make A Tyvek Wallet 63k


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1 - How To Make A Tyvek Wallet 63k
How To Make A Tyvek Wallet 63k
Autor: Adrian Botran
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-12-29

How To Make A Tyvek Wallet 63k. If you make one I would to see it as a video response :)

Tyvek wallet PDF link
https:/ / d2xcq4qphg1ge9.cloudfront.net/ assets/ 80207/ 411342/ original_mighty_wallet.pdf

You can buy the mighty wallet here
http:/ / www.vat19.com/ dvds/ the-mighty-wallet.cfm

Thanks for watching

How to make an Origami How To Make A Tyvek Wallet 63k Model was made on 2011-12-29 by Adrian Botran. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Malinda gonzales [1-Apr-2015]
What size paper did you use? when i try to print the template, it cuts some of the template off..do you shrink to fit or print it at 100%?
Grimjoy20 [1-Apr-2015]
Great job! i was skeptical at first but then i saw the finish product and the comparison and they're identical nice job.?
Travis enright [1-Apr-2015]
I lost my wallet and made one of these in 10 minutes. used a usps envelope from post office. it was free.?
Ryan dominguez [1-Apr-2015]
Great video only dif. is that u used tape but very minimal great job but in case u didnt know mighty wallets dont use tape thnx for the vid i will def subscribe?
Chalito gallegos [1-Apr-2015]
Juan carlo [1-Apr-2015]
Michele k. [1-Apr-2015]
Where can i find the tyvek wallet pdf link??
Susan k [1-Apr-2015]
Great thank u?
José cruz [1-Apr-2015]
Super ?
Oleg legezo [1-Apr-2015]
Ktcaray [1-Apr-2015]
Pretty cool my man!!!?
Ballsdeep118 [1-Apr-2015]
Is there a way to tighten my wallet? my cards and cash fly out all the time
Adrian botran [1-Apr-2015]
@matthew ditizio i made it
Ttylxoxsonya [1-Apr-2015]
That was awsome but i need more help.i need you to help me please!
Mike neto [1-Apr-2015]
Good guy youtuber shows how to make it for i won't spend money like he did
Aaron timm [1-Apr-2015]
Ty-vek not tydek
Drew709 [1-Apr-2015]
Adrian botran [1-Apr-2015]
@mrsharpie564 cool thanks !
Teresa laing [1-Apr-2015]
Once, when i was bored at work (which was all the time ...) i made a tiny coin purse out of starburst wrappers ... i am going to have to try this one, thank you !
Mrwaitsclass [1-Apr-2015]
Your video is great. the template is a little sketchy, so i wound up transferring it to big graph paper. also, i think your cutout for the credit card slot should be in a different place. it is currently in the 3rd slot down on the template. i cut mine out in the 2nd slot down (flipped 180* too). when i folded mine the very bottom flap was showing through the cc cutout, but by moving it up to the 2nd slot it is completely clean. hope that makes sense.
Techchromeinstigate [1-Apr-2015]
Hey, can u check out the tutorial on how to make the tyvek wallet by tkelleman. and tell me which is better, ur design or his. thanks
Adrian botran [1-Apr-2015]
@mwolfe83 thanks
Francisco martinez [1-Apr-2015]
What size of paper did you use
Adrian botran [1-Apr-2015]
@vdk995 cool i

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Magic Wallet - Tutorial *** GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!