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1 - How To Make GIANT Tissue Paper Flowers DTX
How To Make GIANT Tissue Paper Flowers DTX
Autor: how2triedandtrue
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-02-08

How To Make GIANT Tissue Paper Flowers DTX. Easy, gorgeous, giant flowers!

How to make an Origami How To Make GIANT Tissue Paper Flowers DTX Model was made on 2012-02-08 by how2triedandtrue. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Karoedka [26-Mar-2015]
??? ?????????? ????? ???????????
Renny lewis [25-Mar-2015]
These are awesome! definitely going to make a wall of these for some portraits i had in mind.?
Joyce paredes [25-Mar-2015]
can you give me an idea for make something like a cherry blossom? it's for my wedding i hope you can help me soon?
Syhella sulaiman [25-Mar-2015]
Hi, can you share with me what type of paper you are using? i used the normal craft tissue paper with the same dimensions as yours, but it didn't turned out like in this video. also, i noticed that your paper is a bit more to the shiny, plastic type. ?
Joyce paredes [25-Mar-2015]
How can i disguise the plastic so you can not see??
Cristhian montiel [24-Mar-2015]
Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!!?
Laura horne [24-Mar-2015]
Sara abarca [24-Mar-2015]
Hola cuanto papel se llevo esa flor?
Jazikara [23-Mar-2015]
I love how it didn't take forever to see how she made this awesome flower!!!?
Samantha stigall [23-Mar-2015]
Love this!!?
???? ???????? [23-Mar-2015]
Chawanan buaklee [23-Mar-2015]
Kim wilson [22-Mar-2015]
I couldn't find the information on the the two tone flower?
Scott kamiya [22-Mar-2015]
Harvinderjit kaur [22-Mar-2015]
Ube.com/feeds/api/videos/dtx8t5wvspa/comments/z13dvhqbts2iw52oo04cen3qxwqotdgbkgo2014-08-30t02:25:19.000z2014-08-30t02:25:19.000zharvinderjit kaurhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/7rgmbk-iggpee0uzbgwp1wuc7rgmbk-iggpee0uzbgwp1w1006811603316205560930dtx8t5wvspa
Susan carroll [22-Mar-2015]
Fab! great fast video?
Julie whiteley [21-Mar-2015]
Thankyou going to use the idea to decorate my daughters room xx?
Lie perry [21-Mar-2015]
Nice idea..?
Angel wing [21-Mar-2015]
Hi can u tell me plz where u bought the caterer tray plz thank?
Kristen richeson [20-Mar-2015]
Love it?
Steamriceroll [20-Mar-2015]
I will make a purple one.?
Anthonette chavez [20-Mar-2015]
Kathy davidson [20-Mar-2015]
When i was a little girl a neighbor taught me how to make flowers out of kleenx. this is the same thing only on a larger scale!?
Teresa nguyen [19-Mar-2015]
How much did this project cost? for one flower? please and thanks!?

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