Origami: Twisted Tower


Origami Christmas - How to Make the Origami Paper 11

1 - Origami: Twisted Tower
Origami: Twisted Tower
Autor: dutchpapergirl
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-01-24

2 - Origami: Twisted TowerOrigami: Twisted Tower. This is an example of modular origami. You fold individual modules and combine them. I thought the folding was easy, but putting it together took me some time!!!

3 - Origami: Twisted TowerThis How to make an Origami Origami: Twisted Tower Model was made on 2011-01-24 by dutchpapergirl. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Christmas Video Gallery > Paper 11 > Origami: Twisted Tower

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Connor cormier [17-Apr-2014]
Looks like transforming ninja star from top?
Supertechtron [16-Apr-2014]
Looks like the same concept of the transforming ninja star?
Kaylani bochie [16-Apr-2014]
I can't understand the final fold of the 'o' module, at 6:57. is that an arbitrary fold or does it have a refference point on the back? thanks?
Luka arabidze [16-Apr-2014]
I really like it?
Nashville origami club [16-Apr-2014]
? origami: twisted tower - youtube?
??????????? ????????? [15-Apr-2014]
???????: http://youtu.be/w91rekgy1rc?
Supertechtron [15-Apr-2014]
Made this in 4:24 ?
Pui hanjie [15-Apr-2014]
36 paper?!?
Shayaan s [14-Apr-2014]
It was easy but it took a lot of time.
Travis clare [14-Apr-2014]
How many part o units are there?
Isabella lopez-smith [14-Apr-2014]
Haha its not my strong point ! i guess i'll do some experiments ! thanks !
Wendy treminio [14-Apr-2014]
It looks like a transforming ninja star
Zike320 [13-Apr-2014]
It took m like 4 hours pause,fold,play.pause,fold, play,pause,fold,play,pause,fold,play,pause,fold.play,pause,fold. (repeat 1000000 times)
Mrviolet345 [13-Apr-2014]
Ok thats fine i understand
Mrviolet345 [13-Apr-2014]
You could buy one from me!
Dutchpapergirl [13-Apr-2014]
What would improve the vid?
Devesh ps [12-Apr-2014]
Klaasstortebeker [12-Apr-2014]
While it's not a starter project, me and several others have managed to finish it, following the video instructions. so i guess, dutchpapergirl didn't do too badly.
Vashist nekkantivashist [12-Apr-2014]
96 papers in all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fanaticayo [11-Apr-2014]
El resultado: maravilloso!!, el proceso: difícil!!! , felicitaciones por tu trabajo! realmente me haz dado otras ideas del origami modular, hasta ahora solo habia hecho cajas, esto ni lo pienso intentar, obvio!, pero disfruté mucho viéndote hacerlo!
Jed wright [11-Apr-2014]
This is so hard and im pretty good at origami but this is just plane hard
Awesomeguy684 [11-Apr-2014]
This looks very neat
Thewizard101helpers [11-Apr-2014]
I was like 12 reds eh thats fine 12 yellow eh thats ok and then 32 green ehhhh... nvm lol
D-jasper offical [10-Apr-2014]
Zo dus jij bent nederlands hè?? ... ikke ook !!!!

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