Impossible Toothbrush Tutorial (不可能な歯ブラシ・種明かし)


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1 - Impossible Toothbrush Tutorial (不可能な歯ブラシ・種明かし)
Impossible Toothbrush Tutorial (不可能な歯ブラシ・種明かし)
Autor: shikaiderman
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2012-04-01

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This How to make an Origami Impossible Toothbrush Tutorial (不可能な歯ブラシ・種明かし) Model was made on 2012-04-01 by shikaiderman. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Christmas Video Gallery > Nuts 1 > Impossible Toothbrush Tutorial (不可能な歯ブラシ・種明か

Shikaiderman [18-Dec-2014]
Impossible toothbrush tutorial ??????????????? http://youtu.be/9z9bfd7mfb0?
Shikaiderman [17-Dec-2014]
Thank you very much.
Vi3ttr4nce [17-Dec-2014]
Ummm, how will u get it out....
Shikaiderman [17-Dec-2014]
I do reverse rotation. as a result,screw is out.
Shikaiderman [17-Dec-2014]
Thank you for your message.
D?ng l [16-Dec-2014]
@@ :x
Shikaiderman [16-Dec-2014]
Thank you very much.
Cr7ic10 [16-Dec-2014]
Nice cool
Shikaiderman [15-Dec-2014]
Muchas gracias.
Yoshinator54 [15-Dec-2014]
Very cool
Ebony ivory [15-Dec-2014]
Very funny. i'll try to do the same from your sample
Shikaiderman [15-Dec-2014]
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i do reverse rotation. as a result,screw is? out.
Sol soll [14-Dec-2014]
I think you may have chosen the wrong profession ? are you not supposed to be fixing teeth? the video is great i will try and make my own i have made your others :)
Shikaiderman [14-Dec-2014]
Theayora [14-Dec-2014]
Genial, muy bueno
Shikaiderman [14-Dec-2014]
Thank you for your comment. i am happy.
Ilovecaramelldansen [13-Dec-2014]
????????? o-o how do you take it out?
Shikaiderman [13-Dec-2014]
I do reverse rotation. as a result,screw is? out.
Shikaiderman [13-Dec-2014]
Shikaiderman [12-Dec-2014]
Thank you very much.
Katie chu [12-Dec-2014]
Findmeinkurume [12-Dec-2014]
Shikaiderman [12-Dec-2014]
Thank you for your comment.
Jesse giroux [11-Dec-2014]
Ok, but what is the point??

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