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Modular Origami Pineapple Instructions WL0


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1 - Modular Origami Pineapple Instructions WL0
Modular Origami Pineapple Instructions WL0
Autor: Tadashi Mori
Category: People & Blogs
Published: 2008-12-08

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tutorial teaching how to make a modular origami pineapple.

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How to make an Origami Modular Origami Pineapple Instructions WL0 Model was made on 2008-12-08 by Tadashi Mori. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Kyle ehrlichman [24-May-2015]
I had to rip my 6inch origami paper into sixteenths?
Kyle ehrlichman [23-May-2015]
You should make a better tutorial?
Sam moody [23-May-2015]
What size?
Rithwik nag [23-May-2015]
Should i use 2 rows of 8 and 2 rows of 7, if i want to make a smaller one
??c tr?n [23-May-2015]
Th?t là thú v?.
Elouaii [22-May-2015]
Omfg. spongebob's house. :o
Caleb faulkner [22-May-2015]
Littlecutefishy [22-May-2015]
@bunnylover5346 i don't know what's wrong with u guys who constantly post these stupid things. it doesn't work and you won't die
No1speshie [21-May-2015]
@skaterdude5651 i actually kept making these and now i have a house.(spongebobs house)
Arnonator [21-May-2015]
9:00 fail! xd
Re4obsesser [21-May-2015]
They need some speaking this is hard to follow
Pikachuthesquirtle [21-May-2015]
@youknowwhat89 well if u tried putting this pineapple in the sea, it wouldn't be a pineapple anymore. lol
Bjtkd1 [20-May-2015]
Me: 'wow this looks easy. i made this module in like 5 minutes.' computer: 'now make 46 more...' me: 'urg i hate geometry projects' *faints*
Mashedgirl [20-May-2015]
You should say the size of the paper u use!
Luckiezz802 [20-May-2015]
Haha then make a big brown rock and hav patrick, and maybeh even squidwards house xd make bikini bottom with origami!!! lol
Chocozcookie [20-May-2015]
I think that it's too hard.. but cooool!!!
Guspac88 [19-May-2015]
Finally did it after a day of making the modules
Dianna gav [19-May-2015]
Its kool but what size of paper do we need? really kool pineapple though!!!
Jos feenstra [19-May-2015]
@diannalove1 lol
Dianna gav [18-May-2015]
@josener26 lol. that sounds like sometin my brother would. say. hahahaha! rofl!
Createandshare [18-May-2015]
Olá! você pode me ajudar por favor ... o que você usa para estes vídeos impressionante (-.-') desculpe, eu estou muito desesperada para saber, agora, graças - crie e compartilhe
Dobrando direito [18-May-2015]
Tutorial origami rat (chinese zodiac) - john montroll watch?v=9vfak5wwihi watch?v=9vfak5wwihi watch?v=9vfak5wwihi
Tmoore8428 [18-May-2015]
I did it! 5 stars out of 5
Hootie339 [17-May-2015]
Owch! my fingers hurt from all the creasing :d

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