How To Make 3D Paper Doll - Sitting Clown


Origami Christmas - How to Make the Origami Dolls 1

1 - How To Make 3D Paper Doll - Sitting Clown
How To Make 3D Paper Doll - Sitting Clown
Autor: ireneblchua
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2010-04-19

2 - How To Make 3D Paper Doll - Sitting ClownHow To Make 3D Paper Doll - Sitting Clown. Folding the attractive Sitting Clown using the Kusudama method

For more of 3D paper dolls tutorials, please follow the link below:-

http:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=jePGWhkcmVk&list=PL9358747CC8A84F0E&feature=plpp_play_all

3 - How To Make 3D Paper Doll - Sitting ClownThis How to make an Origami How To Make 3D Paper Doll - Sitting Clown Model was made on 2010-04-19 by ireneblchua. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Nora isabel nardacchione [27-Jul-2014]
Nora nardacchione, buenisimo quedan los payacitos. me gustaron.?
Meyerlorraine [27-Jul-2014]
Fantastic work of art.
David19957 [26-Jul-2014]
Can you please repeat me the sizes of the paper i wear glasses and i cant see it well it sfor an art project pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need as soon as possible is for monday may 31
Ireneblchua [26-Jul-2014]
@2dmcconnon thanks for watching my video. as usual i brought most of my papercraft stuff either from a stationery or arts ' craft shops. hope you can find it soon. a very happy new year to you too!!
Ireneblchua [25-Jul-2014]
@angelgirls1980 thanks patty. very happy to have you ' your girls' support. thanks again for watching my video. appreciated :)
Ireneblchua [25-Jul-2014]
@david19957 my pleasure. hope you enjoy making the 3d doll as much as i do :)
David19957 [24-Jul-2014]
@ireneblchua thank you you saved my life
Ireneblchua [24-Jul-2014]
@david19957 8 pcs 2' for collar, 7 pcs 3' for hat ' sleeves, 6 pcs 4' for legs, 2 pcs 6' for body, 1 pc 2 x 3' crepe paper for hair, 5 pompons, 1 1' styrofoam ball for head, 1 2mm seed bead for eye, 1 3mm seed bead for mouth, 1 star-shaped sequin ' 1 wooden toothpick. hope this helps.
4tjinta [23-Jul-2014]
Thanks a bunch for your very clear tutorial! just love it!
Angelgirls1980 [23-Jul-2014]
@ireneblchua i love watching them. i really admire your talent! they always make me smile. something i need more of. love, patty
Isabel mcconnon [22-Jul-2014]
Irene, tell me where i can buy this glue; i bought one but it is not as good as the one you show on the video. anyway, i wish you a happy new year and a lot of creativies for 2011.
Angelgirls1980 [22-Jul-2014]
Ohhh these are amazing! i hadn't seen this one yet! the girls will love it too!!! love n hugs, patty

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