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flickr LOVE Paper Love 4 Photos 619


Origami Love 4 - Photo Gallery - Origami Christmass

flickr LOVE Paper Love 4 Photos 619

flickr LOVE Paper Love 4 Photos 619

Since I still have no entry for week 4 of my 52 weeks project, I took a picture of Jay's birthday present for me.. These are made of paper, ORIGAMI ROSES..He made all 19 roses for my birthday since I just turned 19 last August 1, 2009..weee..and happy to say its August 19 today! (19 years old last August 1, posted this August 19)..weee and good thing those roses were the same color as flickr's logo.. ^_______^ Jomar helped me process this picture so I have to thank him too..and many thanks to Aeriel for letting me borrow her baby, D60.. hope you like it!... ciao! and please leave a comment

This photo was taken on 2009-08-19.

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Christmas Photo Gallery > Love 4 > flickr LOVE Paper Love 4 Photos 619

flickr LOVE Paper Love 4 Photos 619

Andreas neuburger [1-Dec-2015]
Happy birthday! :d i like the soft colors!
Stampmeup [1-Dec-2015]
@neitsch76: hey thanks!!..i forgot to put my birthday at the top which was last august 1.. thanks!..and thanks for the comment!
® lalu [1-Dec-2015]
Soo creative.. nice colors!=)
Andreas neuburger [1-Dec-2015]
Oh... a long time ago! ;) sorry... so you are already close to 20! ;) have a great day!
Vwynx [1-Dec-2015]
Sooo nice tlga :d sweet sweet pa!
Ilovestrawberries (carmi) [1-Dec-2015]
Cuute~ flickr nga :d -- ?² )
Stampmeup [1-Dec-2015]
@neitsch76: thanks!! @vwynx: thanks ate brinks!!..hehehe..pasalamat ako kay jay @ilovestrawberries: thanks maam..kulay na kulay..^_^
J4jishnu [1-Dec-2015]
B r i l l i a n t . . . . . .

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flickr LOVE Paper Love 4 Photos 619

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