Woodturning Chuck Review - History, Oneway, Vicmarc, Hurricane, Axminster


1 - Autor: TheWoodturningShop
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2013-03-11

HD video discussing the details of woodturning chucks. Starting with metalworking chucks through modern scroll chucks, this video is a great learning tool if you want to learn more about various chucks. Vicmarc, Oneway Stronghold and Hurricane Chucks are discussed.

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[Ricardo Rodriguez] I just bought a craftsman midi lathe bench, what size of scroll chuck do I use?
[jesus lorenzo santana lopez lopez] Eu gostaria de complar a placa mas nao encontro igual a esees
[hstorci] I have a Hurricane HTC125 Woodturning Chuck. If I want to run in reverse mode, is there a security pin or screw to prevent the chuck not to fly out ? Hector Sanchez
[Andreas Scholz] Does the Oneway seriously not have a back? I can only imagine that they 'fixed' that! If not - what are they thinking?
[azzedine mennouni] merciiii
[dhw8888] This was a treat! I also own a collection of chucks including the Axminster with Mcdonnel Jaws. It also was my favorite for many years until i acquired the VM150 with the over sized dovetail jaws. It is a significant contender that shouldn't be omitted. The presentation was terrific! The Hurricane chucks look great. What is the minimum-maximum size hole the pin jaws can hold in expansion grip?
[palindrome414] I have a cheap chuck from PSI. It works great but I always see turners with way more expensive chucks. What makes the more expensive chucks better?
[Tom Stratton] The Axminster super precision is still available from Axminster.co.uk. It's still a great chuck!
[TheWoodturningShop] That's a great question. Some things to consider are the capacity of the chuck, meaning how large of a piece it can handle safely. Also, the # of jaw sets available, the spindle thread sizes available, of course, accuracy. Most of the more expensive chucks are heavier than the PSI chucks and that makes a big difference
2 - [TheWoodturningShop] Hi Giles Thanks for your comments. It sounds like you've budgeted enough for a nice shop .. Good Luck !! Steve
[TheWoodturningShop] Hi Lawrence, I am glad you like it! Thanks very much and let me know what you make with it.
[Dana M] Thanks for the info , just what I needed.....
[TheWoodturningShop] Hi Tom, The Super Precision chuck was made by Bison/Toolmex in Poland and Axminster stopped reselling it several years ago (Probably a disagreement in terms). Axminster still makes other chucks made in the UK but they are different. You are right the Original Super Precision Chuck will always be a great chuck!
[TheWoodturningShop] Hi The Axminster Super Precision Chuck was a great chuck (I have 9!). It is too bad they don't make it anymore. The VM150 looks great too. I don't own one but I do have a VM120. We are making heavy 6 1/2' jaws for the HTC125 and they will be available soon. Thanks!
[Lawrence Tomlinson] I reciently bought my first chuck a htc 100 as I am new to woodturning and I'm very happy with it
[John Boulton] I enjoyed your take on woodturning chucks.as for the British, not having many chucks, this is a mith, I have 11 chucks, not counting screw chuks,fase plates, and yes I have the jaw sets,,the best thing about the Axminster chuck, is if you purchase the Accessory jaws for each set of holding jaws, you can change them over in a matter of minits,this saves time, and is more conveneant. I also have a 6'-- 4 jaw independent by a USA manufacturer. P'B I look forward to your video update UK ENGLAND
[Giles Fitzherbert] Love the comment about the difference between English and American turners and the number of chucks/jaws :) I am English and am constantly amazed at the size of American turners' workshops and the level of equipment therein. I am about to set up a workshop, it will be 2.5m (8 foot) square (minus a bit where the doors cut off one corner). Budget for the interior of the workshop is about $5000 (and my wife isn't happy with me spending even that much 'to make a couple of bowls').
[TheWoodturningShop] That's great. Thanks for your comments. If you have any other questions, please let me know
[John Boulton] Hi I am from the UK, Axminster now have a new series of chucks made of stainless steel,the new chuck is called, Axminster Evolution SK114 chuck, they also sell other chucks, Axminster Clubman K8 80mm , and the Axminster K10, 100mm chuck, also the Goliath 125mm woodturning chuck, ,they now make them in Axminster UK .together with Safety Jaws.I Hope this will be of some interest to,, when you up date you chucking video. I suggest you contact Axminster tool for new products. all the best JOHN

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